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Tantrum a small child: what to do

A young child is very often changes the mood. Kids active and curious, all their zeal they spend on learning a new world for them. When the child learns new words, it is studying new information, but may not always express it in terms that can annoy strongly with greater speed. Throw as fatigue, hunger or thirst - get a benchmark of hysteria in children.

Tantrum a small child: what to do How to soothe the baby? 

1) Try to avoid difficult situations in which your child may be. For example: You want to go to the store when the child wants to sleep, or hungry.

2) Ignore the tantrum. If the process takes place without harm and without damage to property, the best behavior on your part will just ignore his actions. When a child does not see that the fruits do not bring the desired result, he calms down.

3) If a child hurts himself, others or property, then put him in the chair, which is put into a corner. Tell him that he can leave the chair only when it is calm. If it is realized, relaxed - allow him to leave the chair and praise for good behavior.  

4) Praise the child only when it is completely relaxed and not in the children's tantrums. Premature bragging bring the baby to the idea that hysteria is much more profitable and get a definite pluses. And the aggression on the part of parents can not teach a child to behave in hands, looking at the screaming or fighting father or mother. 

5) Allow the child to solve certain issues. A child can fit in triple if you forbid him to do anything for himself. But he just learns. If there was a problem, and the kid wants to solve it, how smart and wise parent give him a choice of solutions, and let him choose one of them. For example: what kind of shoes he chooses to walk. Or that he wants to eat for dinner: chicken Kiev and sausages. So you will limit choice, but also give your child wish to do his will. 

Tip: If a child hurts someone, and if the child has constant tantrums, it will help your daze consulting a child psychologist. It tells how to do better in this situation, as each family it is individual.