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Teaching a child to read at an early method Zaitseva

Today the attention of the parents are offered different methods of early development of children. Those who are interested in innovation in this area, certainly have heard about the method of Nikolai Zaitsev, which allows you to train the child at an early age not only in reading and mathematics, but also in some other studies.

Teaching a child to read at an early method Zaitseva

"Learning in the game" - a method of Nikolai Zaitsev for employment with young children, ranging from 1.5 years. By studying this technique, there is no need to learn the alphabet, or some of the individual letters. Psychologists have found that even those children who do not speak and do not perceive the letter, began to read by syllables within 1.5-2 months. Due to the effectiveness of such training a lot of pre-school institutions have switched to this technique.

When Nikolai Zaitsev conducted sessions with children for a long time, he came to the conclusion that the traditional learning the alphabet for children, not only is not always clear, but also very harmful. Many parents and teachers, of course, disagree, citing the fact that "we are taught, why can not our children?"

The fact that the earlier children were taught letters for 2 years, but not all children can read fluently by third grade. At first the children are taught that there is a letter "A", and underneath the picture "Stork", and so all the letters. The child in the subconscious of the picture with the letter folded into one. Therefore, it is poorly understood how to combine multiple images to get the word. We need to learn not Zaitseva letters, words, sounds and syllables, which are composed of a vowel and a consonant.

Zaitsev first experimented on the cards, then came up with cubes. Why them? Because the perception of knowledge goes through the game for the youngest children. With them, you can just build a house and to say what is the syllables, and the child without knowing a single letter, subconsciously remembers heard, and begins a couple of days to read. Only it is necessary to teach in an unobtrusive way, and only then, when the baby in a good mood and have a desire to learn something new.

Dice in a set of 52 of them can be put almost all of the words familiar to the kid. The set consists of cubes of different sizes. Small cubes - it soft storages. There are large blocks of solid warehouses. Also they can be distinguished by color and material. There is a set of one white cube in charge of punctuation.

The letters on the dice also have different colors in order to more quickly distinguish their child. These cubes are not cheap, but if you take the trouble to my mother, while still being in a position that can make such a beauty itself. Nikolay Zaitsev says that if a child at least 2 times a day for 15-20 minutes to engage, we can achieve great results, and a 3-year-old kid has to be read fluently.