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That is, that there is milk

After the baby's birth the young mother to face with a lot of problems. One of them may be the lack of breast milk to feed the child.

That is, that there is milk

Instruction that is, that was milk

Step 1:

Eat high-grade. Daily milk production in the nursing mother spends 500 calories, so it is important that the woman made up for the lost energy. Of course, the young mother wants as quickly as possible to get in shape, but exhausted body can not produce milk in the right quantity. Put the diet until the end of breastfeeding, because the needs of your baby is more important than the loss of several kilograms.

Step 2:

Feed your baby on demand. For breast milk meet hormones prolactin and oxytocin. Their development takes place during the suckling baby mother's breast. Therefore, the child frequently applied, the more milk.

Step 3:

Get enough sleep and find time to relax. Fatigue slows down the production of prolactin and oxytocin. Try to sleep with the baby. After a few days you get used to feed him at night almost did not wake up. This way you ensure yourself a good night's rest. Do not try to perform all the chores on their own affairs. First of all, you - my mother. Care, not related to the baby, partly can take your relatives.

Step 4:

Do not be nervous. Produced under stress adrenaline inhibits the production of prolactin. Try to create a pleasant atmosphere at home. If something makes you uncomfortable emotions, ask family members to solve the problem.

Step 5:

Drink 8-10 glasses of fluid per day. On the quantity of milk produced is not affected, but the baby will be easier to suck the food out of my chest, it will be more likely to do it and, as mentioned above, will be produced more milk.

Step 6:

The pharmacy can buy tea to increase lactation and tablets based on royal jelly. They help to strengthen the body's mother, have a soothing effect.