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The causes of childhood fears

The feeling of fear experienced by each person. The feeling of anxiety or fear can be short and be the result of some events, but in some cases it can be a constant companion of life and become a real phobia. Children's fears have their own specifics. In the absence of attention by the parents to the child's anxieties normal fear can lead to mental disorders not only in preschool, but also adults.

The causes of childhood fears

The main feature is the scale of children's fear of situations or objects that can cause anxiety or panic in the child. The source of feelings of fright can be a subject, an animal, a certain atmosphere or environment. In most cases, parents themselves provoke fear in the child, telling scary stories, frightening baby fictional characters and other situations.

The main reasons for fear in a child are:

fear that literally imposed on parents; fear arises because of the constant humiliation of the child by adults; the presence of a dysfunctional family environment; the lack of attention from parents to child development; excessive care of the child.

All of these factors are almost always causes appearance of fears of children, gradually turns into a phobia. For example, if mom or dad bitten by a dog, the situation becomes a constant warning to the child. Children's psyche perceives the animal as a source of danger and there is a real panic attack when a dog. Similar situations can occur with natural phenomena, and other representatives of the animal world, as well as insects, reptiles, certain people (strangers or old).

Fears can occur in children due to lack of or excessive care by parents. In the first case, the child is left alone with their concerns and enhances them with the help of his imagination. In the second situation, the parents try to protect the child from any source of danger, because of what the child can be afraid, even though for a moment to be alone.

If a child is afraid of the dark, animal or find other sources of anxiety, these symptoms in any case can not be ignored. Otherwise it is necessary to treat the child's mind for a long time. If a child's fear correction can not hold their own, it is necessary to seek professional help.