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The child in 3 months: he can and how to develop it

It has been 3 months since the child was in the family. During this time, a small and fragile baby has changed significantly: face has become a meaningful expression, the movement began to co-ordinated, and the muscles - stronger.

The child in 3 months: he can and how to develop it

During this period, the majority of parents are asking that the child is 3 months should be able to do? As a positive influence on its further development and what nuances should be considered?

The first few years of life are critical for the baby. It was during this period, the child begins to develop fully, which greatly affect its future success in later life.

Skills and abilities of the child in 3 months

Each child develops individually, which is why some are beginning to walk and talk earlier than others. However, there is a certain list of skills that a child should be able to do in 3 months. This will tell if the baby is developing properly, and what it can help parents. At three months babies usually:

well turned over from the back side; can pick up toys; with interest examine yourself considering your body, arms, legs and sometimes even play with them; confidently holding his head. In addition, the child is 3 months should be able to sit up in his arms when lying on his stomach. The physiology of the child in 3 months

Many parents mistakenly believe that height and weight are the main indicators of proper physical development of the child, but it is not so. Moms and dads should also participate in this process, namely:

Develop the baby grasping reflex. For this perfect pendant toys and rattles. Usually within 10-15 seconds, they fall out of his pen, but at an older age, the child should be able to confidently hold items; Daily exercises to do with it. This will keep the muscles toned baby. It is useful to keep the child's armpit, as if by doing so he "walks" legs.

Sometimes parents start early to put the baby, believing that in 3 months a child should be able to confidently sit. These ill-considered actions often lead to the fact that girls are displaced pelvis anatomically correct place. Especially fragile bones in this period, so a child should be treated very carefully.

Child Psychology in 3 months

Smelling the child wakes up at this age. Now he finds out his parents not only in appearance and voice, but also by smell. The kid has to consciously respond to the reality around him: he laughs, is closely monitoring what is happening around him, however, a sharp cry he categorically does not like. He is willing to go to the contact, pulling the handle to the people, smiles at them and even try to talk with the help of babble.

How to help your three-month baby

Do not wonder that a child should be able to do in 3 months if in fact little time parents devote to the child and practically do not deal with it. Since the first days of life the baby they need to do, in order to continue to not have problems with its development. So, young parents can:

stimulate the child to fix his eyes on moving or stationary objects; to talk with the baby, repeating after him the sounds he makes, for example, the "oh-oh", "aba", "Av" and so on. d.

It has long been observed that children, deprived of the attention of their parents, develop more slowly than other babies, closed and ill go on contact. After the birth of a child can no longer vulnerable. For his parents, not only the defenders but also the teachers who will be in his life guiding star. Mom and dad can be that teacher, to which the child will always listen, even when he grows up.