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The development of the child up to 1 month by week

When the family comes newborn, mom, especially who gave birth to first child, many questions arise. How to care for a newborn, how to develop a child up to a month, that he should be able to do - this is not a complete list of all want to know what caring parents.

The development of the child up to 1 month by week Child development: The first week of life

How many sleeping newborn? The total daily sleep time at the baby in the first week of life in the norm is 20 hours, and every 2-3 hours of sleep are replaced by short intervals of wakefulness. The child wakes up only for feeding. neonatal breathing during sleep can be a smooth and quiet, if a deep sleep, and if the baby during sleep twitch hands and feet, breathing irregularly, the shallow sleep.

By the end of the first week of life the child from all the smells around him, can already distinguish the flavor of milk and turn his head in the direction from which it comes. This can be either the mother's breast or bottle with the mixture.

Baby understands, sweet or bitter taste to offer him milk or formula.

A newborn may delay your opinion on subjects surrounding vicinity, but only briefly.

During sleep, the child can smile and involuntarily move his legs or hands.

In order not to be frightened, parents should keep in mind that the breath of the newborn often three times higher than in the adult, besides it is irregular and shallow.

Child development: the second week of life

When the child goes second week, he must completely restore the weight with which he was born. Weekly weight gain should be 150-200 grams

How to develop a child in a month? You can teach your baby to keep the head, laying him on his tummy for that, but it can be done only if the wound is healed umbilical.

Within seconds, the kid can watch the colorful rattle or a moving subject.

Bing will force the child wince and blink, he will listen and stop crying.

By the end of the second week of the child's life can be saved physiological jaundice.

Child development: the third week of life

What a child should be able to at this time? In the third week of life the baby can already take in hand a small object or a parent's finger. It can also be considered an adult face, looking into his eyes.

Lying on his stomach, the baby tries to lift the head and pull the chin from the surface.

It is now quite consciously, he turns his head in different directions, while lying on the back and looks at the world around him.

The process of development of the child in the third week is clear: it is animated in response to gentle speech addressed to him, moves legs and arms, looking for a speaker.

Dream of a three-week child together is 15-18 hours, at a feeding, he is able to suck up to 80-100 ml of breast milk or formula.

Child development: the fourth week of life

Weight gain in infants in the first month of life should be about 600-800 g, and in the growth - 3 cm.

What can a child at this age? He holds the head a few seconds, while lying on his stomach. The kid is already clearly know my mother's voice, learns the taste and smell of breast milk or formula.

It was at this time the child begins to smile at him gentle treatment, he is able to focus his gaze on the face of the person talking, and learning to distinguish intonation speech addressed to him. In response, he makes sounds.

The baby of 1 month can monitor the subject only if he moves to the horizontal.

During the first month of a child's life must not forget to get his birth certificate, which is issued by the registry office or in the MFC. To do this, you should have a passport of both parents, the child's birth certificate, which is given in the hospital, as well as the marriage certificate.