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The first solid foods your baby

Sooner or later in the life of the baby begins feeding time. This important period should be painless and enjoyable for the child, otherwise you can earn not only a food allergy, but not eating. Lure - an acquaintance with an adult meal, getting used to a different kind of food.

The first solid foods your baby

How to introduce solid foods

Complementary feeding should be introduced after 6 months of breast or bottle feeding. Your pediatrician will tell you whether you can start to feed the infant food. Do not give a new product a week before the expected week of vaccination and after. Take your time with this case, even if you enter a smaller, but high quality, with no adverse reactions.

Your baby will tell you their behavior, whether it is ready to receive a new food. Usually, during such period, children begin to actively interested in my mother's food, ask for a spoon. They will open your mouth, if you bring the spoon to his mouth.

Most often, doctors recommend to start solid foods with vegetables. It would be better if it's products from the kitchen garden. But if it's winter outside, the jars of baby food will also work. Pick a brand that will appeal to your daze, empirically. Prepare steamed vegetables or bake in the oven furnace. Grind the blender and add their milk. Canned puree need to shift into a bowl and heat in the microwave or in a water bath.

Start lure with half a teaspoon, breaking this rule to drop. Encourage your child a spoon with a small portion of over and over again. Of course, at first it will be all the spit, because his taste buds are accustomed only to my mother's milk. Therefore, the addition of mashed milk will help the child get used to the new taste. So, each day adding on meal spoon, bring the volume up to 100-150 g This will replace one full feeding.

By the way, to offer a new product only needs feeding in the morning, during the day to see the body's response to the lure. If you notice a rash on the body after 3-4 hours, or diarrhea, or abdominal pain, it is a sign that the product is removed for a few days. For full product entering highlight 7-10 days. During this time the body gets used to the food and will be ready to receive a new one.

Do not forget to offer water or a weakly brewed tea when to introduce solid foods. This can be done between feedings.

What foods to introduce when you start feeding

Most often lure begins with zucchini. After that you can enter the broccoli and color. If the child is gaining weight a little, pediatricians are advised to start with the lure of cereals. Choose cereals dairy-free, diluting it with breast milk or formula. After 8 months, you can continue to milk porridge, but watch out for the reaction of the organism.

At 7 months, you can enter the potatoes. Prepare your baby light soups based on vegetables already entered. Add in a portion of several drops of vegetable oil, and later half of egg yolk. The last few times a week is allowed.

In 8 months time to introduce fruits. Of course, at the age of baby puree banks is much smaller, but you run the risk of stumbling on an allergy. Desserts of apple, peach, pear and plum will be appreciated by your baby. Fruits can be mixed with cereal, milk, and can be given as a separate dish. You can also enter fresh fruit slices, which are given through a special mesh. Also in the 8 months time to introduce kefir, and then the cheese. You can use store bought curds, and you can buy and prepare their own leaven. Remember that dairy products are useful only 5-10 days.

In the performance in the first 9 months of complementary foods introduced meat. It can be chicken, turkey, rabbit and lean beef. Boil or bake meat, grind into a puree and add to the soup. The daily rate of meat - 5 teaspoons. Do not cook the soup in meat broth, it is extremely hard food for young stomach.

In 10 months, we can safely offer the kid "colored" vegetables - pumpkin, beets, carrots. Cook him a soup, a variety of cereals, offer berries, biscuits and yoghurts.

At 11 months, the child is already eating meat every day. Can meat one day a week to replace the fish. Choose low-fat varieties of fish - hake, pollock, cod. Boil and remove each bone, so that the child does not choke. Also in the 11 months to soups can add fresh herbs and sour cream. Porridge will be delicious, not only fruit, but also with butter. It is also closer to the year can be entered juices, diluted with water and baby milk.

Take the time to introduce solid foods. This requires your attention and is not experimentation. After the introduction of complementary foods, you will notice a change in the child. It will breath and stool a variety of colors (depending on what the child ate). After a year you can start to transfer the child to the adult food, but prepared without frying and without seasoning.