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The habit of thumb sucking and nail biting: whether to fight

Habits sucking fingers and nail biting are peculiar to most preschoolers. All of this age problems, and especially when they appear to worry not worth it. But what to do if these habits go with your child?

The habit of thumb sucking and nail biting: whether to fight

Suck fingers child starts while in the womb, so that this habit - a natural phenomenon. The habit of thumb sucking peaks in seven months, and fighting it is possible with the help of the nipple, that is, give the baby a pacifier every time he would put his fingers in his mouth. Gradually, becoming older and older, the child will forget his nipple, but if it is used in life to meet all their needs with the help of the nipple, this habit may well remain a very, very long time. Especially strongly it manifests when the child is very boring, or when he was very tired.

Why should you get rid of a bad habit to suck your fingers?

If the child will be a long suck your fingers, this may well lead to serious disruption of the bite, but it faces in two cases: if it sucks the fingers up to four years, and if he does so often. So, if the baby does not keep his fingers in the mouth all day, do not make it unnecessary comments on the matter.

However, if a child sucks his fingers after 4 years, I should talk to him about it. To begin to explain to him, if he does not indulge in this habit, his teeth will grow outward, just like a horse. Of course, it is necessary to remind, that if he will not suck your fingers, then your teeth will be strong, regular and healthy.

To help your child give up the habit of sucking fingers, you can do it in a good game. For example, if you agree with him that if you notice that a child sucks a finger, you will make a remark to him. Or, if he sucks his thumb while watching TV, you turn it off for half an hour. But be warned about this child.

The habit of constantly biting his nails

This habit is harmless, so do not pay her any attention manifestations. But if you suddenly saw that this habit begins to develop and move on, you should again make his comments and trim your nails. Girls can be weaned from the habit if they promise to paint your nails, if they stop biting his nails. But do not make the child permanent notes or somehow punish the child, because it can only cause stress and alienation of the baby from you.