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The importance of early development of babies

The importance of early development knows practically every parent who wants your child to a successful future. The development of a child from birth is a very important part of his future life path. Having a baby in the center of development, it is important to remember that you must also self-training and education of parents.

The importance of early development of babies

With the birth of the child, young parents begin to make plans for his future. They dream of the baby grow smart, highly motivated, independent person. Many moms and dads almost from the first days of the child's thinking about how to develop it and train. Other adults, by contrast, allowed to drift training and development of your baby, considering that is the concern of teachers in the kindergarten and school.

In spite of the different opinions, experts argue that the human brain absorbs most of the information is aged from birth to six years.

Early development is not only in the teaching of reading and writing. It involves the child's learning skills and knowledge, which subsequently become necessary to him.

Today, there are a large number of childcare centers for kids. Each of them operates according to certain procedures. The most popular are: the Montessori method and Doman, Waldorf education, games Nikitin and techniques Zaitsev. Each of the proposed methods has its advantages and disadvantages. An excellent option would be a combination of all methods with each other. Then, the positive effects of each method will only intensify.

Studios for young children involve group, individual lessons or classes of the type "mom + baby." Knowing the characteristics of your crumbs, parents can decide what kind of training would be most suitable for their child.

As a rule, in the early development of school group lessons shared by the kids into age groups: from birth to six months, from 5 to 10 months, from 10 months to 1.5 years, from 1 to 3 years. Exceptions are Waldorf kindergartens. It involved kids from three to six years. Group of mixed children.

Before you make a choice in favor of a center of early development, we must remember that it must be close to home. Otherwise, a small child will get tired of the road. It is important to pick up as training time, the baby did not want to sleep and was not hungry. Most children are active in the morning. Therefore, employment is best done during this period. For babies up to two years duration of the sessions should not exceed 40 minutes. Visit this institution kids recommended no more than twice a week. Parents should ensure that the teacher used different fizkultminutki, finger gymnastics.

Establishments for the development of babies have a number of advantages. In developing such centers is used for material for children of a certain age. It can not acquire all parents, because it is expensive. Early Development Studio to bring the child's independence, learn to communicate with their peers. Kids first overcome conflicts and quarrels, learn to think logically, develop memory, attention, creative abilities.

Despite the many advantages of such institutions, they have some disadvantages. As a rule, educational institutions are rather expensive. Not always such centers can be found close to home. The trip can become quite tedious for the child. Due to the fact that kids have a weak immune system, they are subject to frequent illnesses, communicating with other kids.

Parents should remember that the responsibility for the development and education of the kids lies entirely on their shoulders. It is not enough to record the child in developing a circle or a studio. These classes can not replace your child communicate with his father and mother. For a young child can bring great benefit to my mother reading stories, playing together with the Pope and a walk with his grandmother, rather than employment in developing centers not supported by parental attention.