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The introduction of fish in the diet of the child

Fish - one of the most useful products required for normal growth and development of the child's body. It must exist in the child's diet, but it has to be administered slowly, with caution.

The introduction of fish in the diet of the child

Usually to 10 months toddler eats not only the mother's milk. In his diet already contains vegetables, fruits and cereals. It is possible that meat and mashed potatoes. This age is considered to be the most favorable for exploring the fish dishes.

The protein contained in fish and meat, is essential for the successful construction of the new cells rapidly growing organism. Yes, this protein is also found in mushrooms, nuts and beans, but these foods too early to give a kid, so meats and fish remain. And the fish is absorbed better, since it is composed of amino acids that are not produced in the human body.

Fish - a valuable source of phosphorus, fluorine, iron, magnesium and potassium. It contains a huge amount of polyunsaturated fatty acids, which improve brain activity. The fish is not refractory fat that the child's body can not yet digest.

Subtleties of conducting fish in the diet of the child

Introducing fish preferably after 9 months. Begin preferably with sea fish, because it is less allergen, and it contains more essential minerals. A good choice would be cod, flounder, haddock, hake. Among freshwater fish should choose the one that has less bone, for example, trout, perch, carp.

Ideally, it is desirable to prepare their own fish right before feeding. Especially because the preparation takes quite a bit of fish vremeni.Pri this is not possible, use baby canned fish, which are sold in combination with pasta, cereals and vegetables and contain no more than 20% of a garnish. When buying canned products should pay attention to the fineness puree: is finely ground (for children from 9 months), coarsely crushed (for children 11-12 months) and cooked in small pieces (for the kids after a year). But fish cooked with his own hands, will always be a priority. Cooking can be steamed or cooking.

To begin to introduce fish to the diet should be a portion of 1/2 tsp. First increasing to 1 teaspoon and gradually begin to 100 g fish it is desirable to use 2 times a week. Gradually diversify dishes, let the child eat fish in various forms - soup, meatballs, casseroles. This is useful not only for health, but also for food education.

A fish has only one drawback - it is an allergen. If your child has a tendency to allergies, you need to enter the fish dishes with more caution, starting with a 1 times a week, and closely monitor the reaction of the organism.