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The nervous system in children

What is a complete health? Health - a condition that goes beyond, say, the lack of a sore throat, cold or headache. Do not get sick, of course, is good, but there are health and other, non-physical side. Intrigued? We will not torment: the subject of our present thinking will improve health of the nervous system.

The nervous system in children

Why is the system adopted to give so much attention? Yes, because it is so important that the slightest problem being crumbs (severe fatigue, lack of sleep, poor nutrition or weakness associated with health) immediately denied and children, and parents of quiet days and happy weekend. And therefore, nervous and toddlers need to develop the system, and to strengthen the good.

Bedtime Story

The role of these truly magical minutes spent with the baby is difficult to overestimate. However, we tend to think of fairy tales, as some magical story narrated bedtime baby. In fact, fairy tales are much wider.

In addition to the narrative, and thus memories, part history able to remove the nervous and muscular tension, to prepare the body and mind crumbs to sink into sleep, to begin the transition from waking in the night bliss and, of course, satisfy the perception of new colorful images, which can then be pleasant childhood dreams.

However, not every fairy tale can become a suitable tale with the status "before going to bed." This title is awarded only one that reads in a low, throaty voice a little, passing in a whisper. And only one in which gradually becomes less verbs, ie action, and more adjectives, ie descriptions, triggering a tireless work of the imagination, rolling in dreams. It is this tale appease crumbs lead his nervous system into a state of complete rest.

To the attention of your listener's tiny fairy tale about the journey of his own sisters cilia to pink cheeks and sleepy eyes or about the multicolored rainbow fairies, producing sweet nectar for each piece toddler body. This nectar is sure to fatigue with hands and feet, puts a fluffy pink cloud for each chubby finger and gently touches golden hair on the heads of babies.

Water treatments and children's swimming

The nervous system is spread across all divisions of the body, and they need good nutrition in the form of blood supply and relaxation (ie relaxing). Nature has taken care of the relaxation of the nervous system, concluding crumbs at an early stage of development almost in personal weightlessness. That is, in the water. The kid in utero "floats" in the amniotic fluid and feels comfortable. The medium is then changed his residence. But definitely relaxing in the water remains on the cellular memory level - for this reason, all children are so fond of taking a bath!

So, make sure to have the crumbs had daily access to the "big water" - for this remove baby bath and leave enough in the use of "adult". Pour water up to the top hole, start the crumbs together with toys in a comfortable warm water and keep an eye on happy bathing child. Then he will do everything himself.

The water has a very beneficial effect on the body, allowing the voltage to unload the back, hands, legs, neck, face and deep inner muscles. And if you want to add a hardening element in the daily procedures, including a shower and a slightly lower water temperature.