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The order in children's closet

The procedure in the children's wardrobe - a headache of many moms. And it turns out that to teach a child to clean up things and put them nicely - not such a difficult task.

The order in children's closet

The child will always be happy and do what he likes. So, children closet organization should be such that the child was nice and convenient to manipulate it. You need to carefully, considering all the details, consider the layout of children's cabinet. Starting from the size of compartments and ending their color. It should be borne in mind and especially your child's preferences.

1. The child shall have free access to their clothes.

Everyday things should be on hand, and are rarely used to lie higher. Just at the top, not disturbing, should be seasonal things. If the child does not reach, the cabinet must stand chair or podstavochki-step.

2. Items must be ordered.

for the upper body clothing is (hanging) separately from the short pants. Socks, tights are your drawer. Dresses on hangers hang separately. Explain to your child that every garment your house. You can designate the shelves in different colors.

3. To clothes did not fall from the shelves, it can be used mounted boxes. A rational use of cabinet space will help hanging shelves.

4. Containers with inscriptions to help you remember exactly where that is, and a little child will memorize the words and letters.

At the bottom there should be no trash. Neat drawers and boxes. Different colors and with beautiful inscriptions. The child himself will be fun to sort things after by their washing "lodges". Naturally, the first time it will happen in the presence of her mother under the admiring exclamations. Praise your child for every little success. The action, supported by a positive emotion, rather a habit.

5. And of course, you should always be able to open your closet and say - look how clean and beautiful in my closet. Example - the best training weapon.

Be patient and persistent. All of us are reluctant to change their habits. Help your child. Give him time, and its approval.