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The presence of the Pope on the birth: pros and cons

Prospective parents often think about the presence of the Pope on the birth. On the one hand, the birth of a child - a complex process, during which a woman needs support and the birth of a baby - a long-awaited moment in the life of both parents. On the other hand - not all dads want to see the whole process of birth.

The presence of the Pope on the birth: pros and cons

Instruction presence of the Pope on the birth: pros and cons

Step 1:

The presence of men during labor gives women a sense of support and security. The husband may call a doctor or midwife, like a future mother down the hall, a massage, to divert, to reassure. The fact that a man is willing to go through this difficult and important stage with his wife, and describes him as a caring husband and a responsible father.

Step 2:

Dad will see your baby immediately after birth, if it is present at birth. Otherwise, the first meeting to be postponed. Possibly a few days (depending on the rules of the hospital).

Step 3:

Childbirth is divided into several stages. The longest of them - fight. On average, at first birth, this period is about 10 hours, the first of which is a woman spends at home and on the way to the hospital. At this point my husband help is invaluable: it can drop off his wife to the hospital, bring the bags to help navigate where to go. The last hours of labor in some hospitals the woman may be advised to jump on fitball or stand under a shower or soak in the tub. The husband may insure his wife to support.

Step 4:

The presence of the Pope on the birth is not necessary during the entire labor process. Many men do not want to see all the details. In this case, the husband may stand at the head of the bed or leave new mothers during attempts.