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To give birth itself or do a cesarean section?

Before pregnant women often raises the question: to try to give birth to yourself or to give birth by caesarean section. What could be better?

To give birth itself or do a cesarean section?

Caesarean section from Latin translates as royal incision or royal birth. The essence of this method lies in the fact that new mothers cut through the wall of the uterus and this cut is extracted fruit. Now in Russian medicine cesarean section is applicable only in case of emergency, if there is a threat to the mother or child. Recently, however, a cesarean section has become fashionable, for women it seems to be less painful and faster way to have a baby. Of course, better to give birth on their own, of course, if there are serious indications for cesarean section.

Caesarean section - an operation, and any surgery can not pass unnoticed. And a scar on the abdomen is not the most important thing. Yet for at least a month a woman feels the effects of the operation. The move will be difficult and painful, will often get sick of spin. And after vaginal delivery young mothers within 2 days feel quite normal.

After Caesarean section, doctors often prohibit subsequent independent genera. Many women, nurturing a second child, they want to give birth to their own, but it is already contraindicated, because the place seam may occur uterine rupture. Of course, this does not mean that after cesarean section to give birth in general can not be yourself. Of course, this is possible, but it all depends on the amount of time that has elapsed after the operation, as well as on the state of the woman's body. Therefore, women should think several times before you go to such a step as a caesarean section. Do not be afraid to give birth alone.