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To schedule twins

Many couples dream of the birth of twins, and the reasons for that are many. The birth alone, but two children, do not need to go through all the second round, or suffer the question about the need for birth of her second child. Children of the same age never bored with each other, they are friends and partners in the games and school. However, science still does not know the exact answer to the question of why some pairs of twins are born, while others do not. One hundred percent way to conceive twins does not exist. But there are several factors that can increase the chances of having twins.

To schedule twins

Instruction how to plan for twins

Step 1:

Take regular complex vitamins and foods high in vitamin B. This vitamin is beneficial for the formation of healthy endometrium in the uterus, which is important for conception.

Step 2:

Make a decoction of K. prostrata ordinary and drink it within 2-3 months. This plant is very useful for the regulation of mentstrualnogo cycle. And if the cycle is normal, then the maturation of two eggs at the same time it becomes more real.

Step 3:

Take birth control pills for several months. It is believed that after the abolition of hormonal contraceptives increase the chances of conceiving twins.

Step 4:

Eat a lot of sweet potatoes - sweet potatoes. Folk omens say that women who regularly consume foods in the sweet potato, twins were born more often than usual. Scientists suggest that the chemical composition of the product affects the development of eggs.

Step 5:

Begin six months before the alleged conception eat more foods which contain substances stimulating the ovaries. This oatmeal and whole-grain bread, walnuts, eggs.

Step 6:

Stop to sit on diets. According to statistics, most mothers of twins are a woman with a little extra weight.

Step 7:

Statistics show that women 35-38 years old who have at least eight children, chances of having twins increases several times. A woman over 40 years of age have difficulty conceiving a child even. Therefore, should not be delayed.

Step 8:

Use the method of in vitro fertilization. When IVF fraternal twins are born often. This is due to the fact that doctors are trying to fertilize as many eggs for reinsurance. The process of in vitro fertilization very difficult, and the result is not always obtained positive. But this is perhaps the most effective way to fulfill the dream of the birth of twins.