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To teeth do not hurt

White-toothed smile will decorate any child. Also, it will allow him to avoid the hassles associated with dental disease. But that baby teeth are healthy, you need to take care of them.

To teeth do not hurt Where to start

The first care of the oral procedure should be carried out at the baby even before his first teeth, around the age of 4 months. Rinse your mouth with a small child is not able to, because your task - to thoroughly clean the mucous membrane of his mouth from plaque, which is formed during the meal. To do this in 20 minutes after the baby has eaten, it is necessary to moisten with water in a piece of sterile gauze and use it to massage the gums and clean the tongue kid.

Do not give up if the crumb will initially resist your actions. Persevere, and he quickly becomes accustomed to regular procedures. Then in the future you will spend less effort to train its own brush your teeth. When a toddler will appear first teeth, keep a gauze to wipe them after each meal. Special cleaning products (toothpaste and mouthwash) babies do not need.

My first brush

By the year of the baby usually has 8 deciduous teeth, which means that it is time to move to a real toothbrush and toothpaste. The first toothbrush should be tailored specifically for young children. The size of the head - 2 widths baby tooth baby. It should fit easily in the mouth, to move to any part of the mouth, not to cause discomfort or delay the cheek. And remember that even the most good toothbrush should be changed at least once in two months.

The first toothpaste should also be adapted for young children. Its main feature - the lack of fluoride. In general, it is a useful trace element, but the formation of tooth enamel, he has no better effect. If toothpaste is no labeling "children" of it is to give. The fact that the paste for adults, even if they are devoid of fluorine, often contain abrasive particles, bleaching components, and they are too aggressive for soft baby cavity.

I myself!

When the child is two years old, try to trust him with some stages of cleaning teeth - of course, under your strict control. Squeeze the toothpaste on the brush is better than you. Kid still difficult to control the required amount of paste, it can simply be carried away by the process, as a result of the excess paste will inevitably be eaten them. However, more harm is not cause, but as the pasta is still not intended for food, the constant swallowing large amounts may cause digestive disorders.

Total time hygienic oral care at this age is 3 minutes. To pipsqueak could keep track of time, put in the bathroom hourglass, and it will be exciting stimulus for brushing teeth.

A child older than three years can be offered in parallel to develop an oral account: 3 minutes - about the time for which you can count to a hundred in an average pace. Consider your child yourself and you will see how quickly he will remember the numbers! And then it will take about himself.

Brushing your teeth the child must be at least twice a day - morning and evening. But if you can, take the crumbs into the bathroom and in the afternoon. Excess hygienic procedure will bring his teeth only additional benefits.