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Top 10 writers for children and children's poetry writers

The magical world of children's book teaches the child life wisdom in a playful way. The unique developmental effects have poems for children. However, the book, like toys, you should choose wisely. If you remember your childhood, or read the forums for moms, there are several popular children's authors.

Top 10 writers for children and children's poetry writers

1. Agnes Barto. On the famous lines about crying because of the ball Tanya and bear without legs grew more than one generation of children. Barto Poems rhythmic and humorous, easy to remember. On the pages of the collections can be found, and Tanya, and Lida, and Vovka - every child in the character of the hero can guess similar features.

2. Eduard Uspensky. With a light hand of a talented writer born cat Matroskin, Cheburashka and many others. Assumption is also known for his scripts for cartoons, naughty poems, plays and stories for children. 

3. Samuil Marshak. Marshak Lyrics instructive. Collection "Kids in a Cage" introduce baby-calf animals at the zoo, and the "all year round" in verse tells of each month of the year. 

4. Boris Zakhoder. In practice, many foreign children's poets "spoke" the language Zakhoder. Being a talented translator, Zakhoder time to write and own poems ( "None", "Where to put a comma?", Etc.), as well as instructive book for children.

5. Marina Boroditskaya. Poet and translator. Collections of poems for children "escape milk", "Last day of teaching" and others. Poetic step Boroditskaya reminds Counting, so easy to replicate and study. 

6. A. A. Milne. Author of the famous Winnie the Pooh and all-all-all. Collections Milne uneven verses: "When we were very small," and "Now that we have six." Light, cheerful verses acquaint children with various adventures of a boy named Christopher - Robin and his teddy bear.

7. James Reeves. Once dared to translate the tale AS Pushkin's "The Golden Cockerel", English poet and teacher of elementary grades, Reeves has become incredibly popular with kids. His poems "Grunts of Unyllou" and "Losers of Slastauna": a little funny, a little sad and instructive, quickly won the hearts of children of its unusual rhythm. 

8. Roots Chukovsky. Undeniable contribution to children's literature of the Soviet made Korney Chukovsky his book 'From two to five', in which he described his observations of children this age. Famous tales in verse "Moidodyr", "Cockroach", "Boldly Buzzing Fly," "Oh How It Hurts" and others. Still loved by children and adults.

9. Lewis Carroll. In addition to the world famous book "Alice in Wonderland" and "Through the Looking-Glass" Carroll wrote "nonsense poetry." Especially children like the poem "Jabberwocky" with unusual fancy words - kids love to distort the words and come up with your name all over what they see.  

10. Edward Lear. English poet and a passionate fan of writing funny stuff. His limericks - short poems of five lines about different people smile and make adults and children.