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Toxemia during pregnancy. Species symptoms and causes

Although morning sickness during pregnancy and is considered a natural state, but there was little pleasant. Pregnant desirable to know more about this condition. Indeed, many women think that morning sickness - it's just vomiting, but do not know what can be considered the norm, but that is beyond the scope; what types of toxicity are typical symptoms and causes of this disease.

Toxemia during pregnancy. Species symptoms and causes

Types and symptoms of toxicosis in pregnancy

Some experts called toxemia "adaptation disease" because it arises as a result of the restructuring of the organism in the expectant mother.

Divide toxicosis can be 2 types: early and late. And if morning sickness in early pregnancy - a fairly common phenomenon, toxicosis on late term is found only in 20% of pregnant women.

Early morning sickness is accompanied by nausea, especially in the morning or after a meal. The body is very sharply perceives the different smells. Also nausea can be accompanied by vomiting, increased salivation. In some cases toxicity may be a feature of asthma pregnant. It is accompanied by a strong cough and a feeling of suffocation.

Late toxicosis considered more dangerous than earlier. Doctors called toxemia of late pregnancy preeclampsia. It is dangerous because in some cases it may cause fetal hypoxia, placental abruption and fetal death. In addition to the weakness in the whole body, and nausea, symptoms of preeclampsia may be high blood pressure, swelling of the legs, muscle cramps, dizziness up to unconsciousness and headaches.

Causes of toxicity in the early stages

If morning sickness in early pregnancy does not appear clearly, it is considered to be the normal state of the pregnant woman. Its causes are still being studied by experts. But most likely include genetic predisposition, hormonal changes in the body, accelerating metabolism and neurogenic response.

Late toxicosis. Causes

When preeclampsia occurs weight gain edema expense. Swelling may occur, both visible and hidden. Therefore, only feeling a change of state, it is necessary to notify the leading pregnancy physician.

Causes of late toxicosis:

the infectious nature of the disease; diseases of the cardiovascular system; diseases of the excretory system; violation of the recommended diet for pregnant women; early pregnancy; Pregnancy in older age; short period of time between pregnancies; fatigue of the body, lack of sleep and lack of rest.