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Toys made of salt dough

From salt dough you can make a lot of crafts with the children. Unlike clay, the material is suitable for kids of all ages. Even if a child pulls the dough in the mouth, nothing will happen.

Toys made of salt dough

You can do at home with your child such craft manufacturing - all the ingredients available and inexpensive cost. Especially nice to do Christmas toy from the salty test. They can be made as you want and the way you want. Even the youngest children feel that they have worked together with all for the holiday, if on a Christmas tree hanging toys made by them.

To test, take 2 cups plain flour, a cup of salt, 250 grams of water. All mix well. The degree of readiness of the test is determined by kneading - if it will crumble, add water, if pulled, stick to hands, backfill flour. Roll the ball of dough - if it holds its shape well, you're done. You can add a little vegetable oil - then prepare the masses will not stick to hands.

Crafts from salt dough on Christmas tree

In order to make Christmas tree ornaments from salt dough, you can use cookie cutters. Even kids with them an excellent job of cutting out figures from the dough. Such figures can be dried and left as is or decorate.

Try to take a cocktail stick and use it to make a cut in a flat figure many small holes. Obtained delicate products. Garnish can also beads, sequins, it is only necessary to consider that in the oven to dry the toy can not be, or jewelry can be melted. Besides beads, can be used for decorating products shells, cereals, buttons, nuts, coffee beans, and so on.

There are wonderful toys, lacing for the development of fine motor skills in children. Try to have the figures of the salt dough to make on the edges of the holes, placing them in a specific order. Dry product. Encourage your child to thread the hole in the bright ribbon or thick yarn. You will get a great toy lacing.

Older children can be offered to paint toy permanent markers or paste over the picture in decoupage technique.