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Types of overprotection and their consequences

If parents questions about the child's upbringing say that love does not happen a lot, to be wary and to clarify what the parents have in mind by the term "does not happen a lot." Maybe we are talking about overprotective?

Types of overprotection and their consequences


What can be overprotective?

Overprotective may be a sham, and she says, "everything is possible and much, much more than anything." In this type of overprotective child is almost the universal value of the whole family, and all the needs of all members of the family eventually moved away not even for a second, and on the fifth plane, and the needs and desires of the child moving to the forefront. To the kid no requirement for him there are no prohibitions or education.

Also overprotection can be quite demanding, which states that there "can not be anything more." Here the child is also given a lot of attention, but that's not idolize him, to keep him under the very close supervision. The child simply overwhelmed with the various obligations, and parents are turning to him with the words "you should". When demanding giperopekunstve for every step the child will be required to report to their mom and dad, as well as inform them about the most minor changes in their plans.

What are the consequences of overprotection? 

In the case of a sham gipeopeki the child may have serious problems with adaptation in kindergarten. The thing is that the child, who was worshiped by being very pampered, meet only nedolyublivanie and neglect by their peers. Very bad, if the child did not go to kindergarten and immediately got to school after 7 years a spoiled life. In addition, teachers and educators have been good to the child, who is confident that he can do anything, and he will never be punished.

In addition, if the artificially created "genius" and "talent" of the child in all just confirmed in a school where there is competition, the child not only disappointed in themselves and in their abilities, but also receive a serious blow to self-esteem and violent hatred of the mother with dad for cheating.

In the second case, when each breath is controlled by the child, the child grows lack of initiative, lack of confidence. In addition, such a child will never be his opinion, it will not show themselves or make plans. And, of course, it will be closed and will not have more than five friends.

The child begins very early to recognize the horrors of such education and may rebel. As a latent form of rebellion is manifested in the form of lying, exaggerating the disease and trying to get away from responsibilities. Open Form - aggression, disobedience.


If suddenly you have learned bitterly yourself in one of the descriptions, immediately change your child's education regulations, otherwise you risk to grow up insecure, avoidant, which will never be understood by the world, if not self-education, and will not go away from you.