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Use a humidifier for children

The air in the apartment may be too dry, it is not immediately noticeable to an adult, but kids respond to frequent colds, allergies and even asthma. But we need only to increase the water content in the space, and health improves.

Use a humidifier for children


Humidity and baby health

Comfortable humidity adult 50-60%. When this indicator is no feeling of stuffiness, breathe easily and freely. For kids humidity should be slightly higher - 60-65%. S body 7 is not yet fully formed, the heat transfer occurs predominantly through the lungs, and not through the skin. Accordingly, through the breath of the child's body loses a lot of fluid.

When the humidity is reduced, dry mucous membranes. The nasopharynx formed crusts, which make it difficult to breath. Also lost mucous protective function, and this leads to colds, allergies to dust and other substances found in the air. For a long stay in a dry environment can even cause asthma. To increase the water content of the space needed humidifier.

But it is important to remember that humidity is also has many negative sides. Possibility of angina at a humidity of 70-90% 3-fold increases, therefore it is necessary to control the amount of moisture in a room with a hygrometer.

Choosing air humidifier

There are 3 types of humidifiers for residential premises:

traditional; ultrasonic; steam.

Each model has its pros and cons. The steam humidifier vaporizes the water by boiling. The water is disinfected at the same time, but there is condensation on the objects. Often moisture gets inside the electrical equipment, which reduces the service life. Big power and constant gurgling sounds. In the house with the children can be dangerous, as the steam is very hot.

Traditional moisturizer like a fan that blows moist surface, the moisture evaporates. There are quiet and noisy models, you need to carefully approach this parameter. Power consumption is small, it is unlikely glut of air moisture. But such a device is effective only for an area less than 15 square meters.

Ultrasonic humidifier is ideal for a child's room. Low-frequency sound breaks the water into very fine particles that are sprayed in the room. In use, the air includes all salts which are in a liquid, using tap water, gray streaks may occur on objects. It is necessary to purify water before spraying. Regularly change filters that help disinfect the air. Power consumption is low.

It is worth paying attention to the amount of moisturizer. On average, in an apartment with central heating in winter moisturizer sprays per hour 350-500 g of water. That's enough to get on the 20 square meters of the optimum rate of humidity of 60%. The day to maintain the desired atmosphere would require a minimum of 6 liters of water. If a significant amount, to add a liquid have not often, and if the humidifier to 1 liter, then you need to think about it several times a day.

Most models are equipped with automatic shut-off. Some people stop working at the end of the water, while others are stopped when the room reached the desired moisture level. The latter are equipped with a hygrometer, which is very convenient, but the price at the presence of this device is increased by 20-30%.

Many humidifiers installed filters for water and air, they need to be replaced regularly. Specify in advance the cost of replacement parts, sometimes it is much greater than the price of the device itself. Such a purchase would be very expensive to maintain.

An important indicator - the serviced area, each unit is designed for a specific size of the room, and it is not necessary to ignore it. It is also important to pay attention to the noise, because the device can work round the clock, while loud sounds difficult child to sleep.

Buying a moisturizer - it is a necessity in modern apartments. Heating, the presence of a large number of electrical appliances leads to a decrease in humidity, and it is dangerous for the baby. But you need to choose the model does not by its price, and in the work efficiency.