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Useful applications for the tablet for children

In today's world all the conditions for the development of the child. Take, for example, electronic gadgets, they can be very useful, if you set them on the right training program.

Useful applications for the tablet for children

Instruction for children useful applications for the tablet

Step 1:

Skazbuka application that helps your child learn self-Russian grammar. Colorful graphics and good characters will help your child to dive into the wonderful world of letters. ABC Learning takes place in an entertaining way to learn a new letter, you need to go through an exciting adventure. Quests in the game are made in light of the child's perception form.

Step 2:

Minute application is designed for children aged 3 to 8 years. With the help of an interesting game, the child will learn to tell time on the arrows, you learn a lot about the watch and learn how to navigate. The app is useful because it helps the kid on their own to build their day minute by minute. The child will know how much he has breakfast, lunch, and dinner naps.

Step 3:

Puzzles Fixiki bright cartoon characters teach a child to collect all sorts of puzzles. The app is useful for children of any age, since it forms a perfectly logical thinking, intelligence and fine motor skills.

Step 4:

Tobby: animal world One of the best children's applications for the study of the animal world. Suitable for children aged 2 to 10 years. Colorful characters, realistic graphics will not leave indifferent any child. Familiarity with animals occurs in the form of a game where the main character Toby to help find his family, during the search, he meets new friends and tells them the baby.

Step 5:

Science experiments for children Interesting app for young researchers. The game is clear for the child and helps to know more than 500 scientific facts. The information is presented clearly, so that the child be happy to plunge into the world of science and technology.

Step 6:

What grows in the forest application created for the youngest audience, children from 2 to 6 years. Child waiting for a fascinating journey into the magic forest, where he will get acquainted with its inhabitants and fauna.

Step 7:

Audio fairy for children Application with good old fairy tales will not leave indifferent any child. Tales Read by professional speakers. The collection includes classic Russian fairy tale, which grew more than one generation of children.

Step 8:

Musical paint application is aimed at the development of creative abilities of children. With it, the child can learn to draw and learn the secrets of calligraphy. The whole process of creativity is complemented by pleasant music, which can inspire the brush created a masterpiece.