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Useful literature for parents

Raising a child - this is not easy work. As a rule, 90% of all the knowledge, skills, traits and behavior laid toddler in a child younger than 6 years. That is why it is important to give the child useful skills to the maximum in this age period.

Useful literature for parents

Nikolaev A. How to teach a child to build sentences

The book is suitable for children who are not lagging behind in speech development, and for the kids who have observed problems with spoken language. With this book, you can easily teach toddler write sentences correctly answer questions deployed. Also, the child will learn to ask questions, fully and correctly retell read or heard them describe and comment on the information. All training takes place in the form of a game, so the child learns it perfectly. Televisions instructive funny stories, interesting stories. This does not bother the child will constantly heated interest in the study.

Ivanova L. Verses movements. Finger Games for children 1.5-3 years. - SPb .: Rech, 2011

The book is available in the form of games. Perfectly suitable for children under 3 years of age, especially those who have observed problems with speech development. It is known that the fine motor skills of hands directly influences the formation of speech toddler. Therefore, finger games for children aged one and a half to three years to help in the development.

Botyakova O. Mamin massage Tales 2010

massage is undeniable importance for a child, especially in children under 1 year. The book presents the most popular and effective massage techniques, as well as exercises for the first year of life. All this is done as a nursery rhyme, so your child will love. The book will help parents, teachers, educators, and all those involved in health and development of infants. However, before you start doing this by the book, it is best to consult with a specialist.

Gurin I. Fall asleep, eat, listen to mom and dad. Helpful tips for all occasions of disobedience

Quite often, parents are faced with the problem of children of disobedience. It is an elementary rule, such as teeth cleaning, physical fitness, eating. How to explain to a child, that all this is necessary? This book in the form of poems and fairy tales will allow your child to understand the importance of ordinary things. Thanks to the book, the child will feel that he really needs it.

I. Ermakova ball games for the little ones

The book is intended for pediatricians, educators, physical therapy instructors, massage therapists, as well as for ordinary parents. Exercises with the ball great influence on the formation and development of the child's bone system. This book contains exercises for affective growth and physical development of children from 0 to 3 years, with all the features and nuances.