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We are waiting for the third baby: 7 rules

The emergence of a third baby in the family imposes a great responsibility not only for the new member of the family, but also for the first child. Now parents will be much more attentive to the elders, because they will be very difficult to understand why mom and dad's attention is focused on the baby. Therefore, even while waiting for the third kid, you have to properly prepare for major changes.

We are waiting for the third baby: 7 rules

Instruction waiting third child: 7 rules

Step 1:

Think about yourself. You now not only a wife and mother of two children and a pregnant woman. Despite the fact that the family requires a lot of attention and effort, it's time to reconsider his duties. Talk to people in the household who has to do heavy housework for you. Talk about just that the implementation of such cases to gain a foothold for this member of the family not only during pregnancy, but also to the infancy of the third child.

Step 2:

Try to spend more time with her husband. When a child is born, you will not pay much attention to the beloved. It is therefore necessary to establish respect and understanding in relations. Try to enjoy together anticipation baby.

Step 3:

Try to control your negative emotions. Pregnant women have a high sensitiveness. But children should not suffer because of your mood. If you take it out on all the family members, their attitude to the future baby is not the best.

Step 4:

Prepare older children to such major changes. Show them baby pictures. They need to understand that they themselves were quite small, and you have paid them as much attention.

Step 5:

Decide with relatives, one of them will deal with older children. But keep in mind that teach kids to ensure that they will have to spend most of their time not with you, you need to advance. For example, if you care about them will take on the grandmother, then let during your pregnancy, she goes for a walk with them. This is to ensure that children do not feel the sudden change.

Step 6:

Try to have rest before delivery. Care of the newborn requires a lot of effort, so you need to sleep "in advance".

Step 7:

Buying things for the future of the child, take the child with you. Let them choose gifts for the new family member. This will not only unite you, but also cause to look forward to the addition to the family.