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Wean the child from a bottle at night: how to do it effectively?

When the child grows up, it becomes necessary to weaning it from the bottle. If a child was breastfed, the problems with it not occur. But children who are at an artificial or mixed feeding, do not always want to part with his bottle.

Wean the child from a bottle at night: how to do it effectively?

Instruction to wean the baby from a bottle at night: how to do it effectively?

Step 1:

To begin the process of weaning the baby from the bottle better when the baby can sit up unaided, eat with a spoon and drink from a cup. With age, the child needs more and more varied foods as infant formula or porridge can not meet the needs of the growing organism. In addition, sucking from a bottle adversely affects the growth and development of the child's teeth.

Step 2:

However, for each child age and time for weaning from the bottle are individual. Do not start this process after suffering child stress and strong emotional shock. For example, after the move, his parents' divorce, the birth of the youngest child. Bottle at this time for the baby is a symbol of a symbol of tranquility and comfort.

Step 3:

In addition, children react differently to the seizure of their bottles. If your baby is ready to part with it, he can cry a few days and forget about it. But if he is not yet ready, it will be cranky quite a long time.

Step 4:

To wean the child from the bottle, tell him that she has lost or broken. If you can endure 1-2 night "concert", you coped with the task. But if your parents' compassionate heart can not take all efforts were in vain, the child is even more become attached to the bottle, and wean it will be even harder.

Step 5:

Show your child to drink from a mug just tastes better than from a bottle. To do this, a little salt vodichku in the bottle, but sweeten the cup. Give the first drink from the bottle, and then out of the cup.

Step 6:

Beautifully pack bottle and ask the child to give her some small "Lala", explaining to him that he was already big. Baby give it, be proud of his act, and parting with a bottle will be painless.

Step 7:

Do not show a bad example. Imitation of adults is one of the main ways of teaching children. If you are going to drink from a bottle, not pouring liquid into a mug, baby will repeat for you and will not give up his bottle.