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Weaning: how to stop breastfeeding

When it is time to wean the baby from the breast, any mom looking for ways how to do it painlessly. Wean baby from breastfeeding can be no trauma to the child in a relatively short period of time. Of course, there is no single answer, do it gradually or at one time to stop breastfeeding.

Weaning: how to stop breastfeeding

Experts do not recommend in the first half-year of life to wean the baby from the breast. During this period there is a formation of the immune system. But in the future - it is a personal choice of the mother. In this case, it is not necessary to listen to the advice of friends, relatives and acquaintances. The issue should be resolved independently. Also, do not stop feeding if:

- the baby is exposed to an allergic reaction;

- child is sick or has teething;

- nursing mother feels unwell;

- for the baby changed living situation (arrival in someone else's apartment or house are unfamiliar to people toddler).

Wean the child is not very easy to breastfeed. Not always the kid asks his chest in order to be satisfied. Often this is just an excuse to be with his mother there. Sometimes it soothes with anxiety.

Occasionally when a child withdraws from his chest, but this also happens. The first step will be to wean the baby solid foods. Get more food, it will be satiated longer. It is especially advantageous to do it before breastfeeding. Full of "adult" food, kid, quite possibly, will not eventually need breastfeeding. You can keep breastfeeding only in the evening, gradually reducing it. But in this case it is necessary to provide the attention and care, even to a greater extent that the baby felt a connection.

Many moms use "method of disgust." Before feeding, in order to separate the child from the breast, the nipple mother smeared with lemon juice. Sour taste is not very pleasant to the kid, so he refuses to such power. But do not use mustard or pepper, irritation of the mouth kid - not a perfectly acceptable way to otuchivaniya.

It is also one of the most effective methods - to teach to the bottle. To do this, you need to gradually give milk, porridge and juice in a bottle. Kid gets used and is unlikely to want my mother's breasts.

If a child sleeps at night next, it is important to lay a pillow or blanket between him and his mother. Proximity will not be noticeable to the kid, because he is so sensitive to the smell of milk. At this time, it is very important to pay attention to clothes. It should be tight, in any case do not need to take the child, if the breast is exposed.

During weaning may need help dads baby or someone from relatives. After feeding the baby can play with them, read stories. Most likely, away from his mother, he will be forgotten. Thus, to wean the child from breastfeeding in a relatively short period of time - a very real problem. And the smell of mom's not so enticing. Dad can lay your baby to sleep on a daily basis, then it will become the norm and the child ceases to be capricious, ask the chest.

Particular attention should be paid to the moment when he asks for comfort in her mother's breast. This happens when the baby fell, hurt or dissatisfied with something. You can distract him - to take the handle, go to the window and tell the story of how the sun sits down to sleep. Child your full attention will switch to another object.

Gradually accustoming to the cup when feeding, a spoon, you can count on the fact that very soon sucking reflex disappears.

Do not be afraid of that at the time when my mother tries to wean the baby from breastfeeding, an interrupt their close relationship. The main thing for each child - care and affection.