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What are the pregnancy tests

Motherhood always begins with expectations. The uncertainty of when it is not clear whether the pregnancy is, is excruciating. Delayed menstruation so varied emotional life of the woman, that she was fit to take a sedative. However, pharmacists achieve great meal eased modern ladies. On the first day of delay they just need something to get to the pharmacy and buy a small box with a pregnancy test. But how?

What are the pregnancy tests

Instruction which are pregnancy tests

Step 1:

Test strips - the cheapest tests to determine pregnancy. Their reliability is 90% plus / minus 5% in the first day of menstruation. After 7 days, the accuracy of the delay increases to 94-100%.

Step 2:

The test strip is a strip of cloth or paper impregnated with a special reagent, which included are antibodies to human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). In the test, there are two zones - the control and diagnostic.

Step 3:

To use the test strips, collect morning urine in a clean glass or plastic container, dip the strip into it up to the reference level for a few seconds. Then postpone the test to the side, and after a specified number of minutes in the manual vote results. If the control area there was one bar - you are not pregnant, and if the two - the pregnancy.

Step 4:

Tablet tests - tests of the second generation. They are more sensitive than the test strip, and hence signal a pregnancy at an early period and with greater accuracy. The test is a small plate with two windows - diagnostic and control, and a disposable pipette. Inside the tablet area is impregnated with a reagent sensitive to hCG.

Step 5:

To use the test tablet in the morning collect the urine in a clean container, and then type it into the pipette. Put a few drops of urine in a test designed to her window. After some time, evaluate the results, which appeared in the second box.

Step 6:

The most modern type of test - jet tests. In addition to high reliability distinguishes them easy to use. At any time simply substitute the receiving part of the test under the stream of urine, and a minute later vote appeared in the window of the result. This test gives almost 100% result from the first day of menstruation.