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What can a child per year

Young parents are particularly vulnerable to various fears when it comes to their baby. The first year of life crumbs becomes a real test not only for him but also for his caring and loving mom and dad. During this time, they are constantly wondering what the child should be able to do when he was a year old.

What can a child per year

After the long-awaited holiday, when the first notice day of birth of a baby brings together all close relatives and friends, caring parents are beginning to take stock of the past year. During this time there was a lot of pleasant and exciting events. Nevertheless, attentive moms and dads still worrying. During this period, they wonder what a child should be able to do in a year, if he falls behind in development.

Skills-year-old child

It is worth noting that all children are different, so they develop in their own pace. Every toddler mastering their capabilities takes place at different times. However, the average annual child should be able to:

stand without support; actively crawl (some babies pass by crawling stage, instead they start going at once); walk with the support of adults, or on their own; rising to his feet, squat and straighten; climb on a sofa, chair, bed and down to the floor; open and close boxes, cans, and be able to put them in the toy; play with different objects (dishes, hats, shoes, etc...); to imitate the actions of adults and peers (to dig holes in the sand, slam, bang, "comb" and so on. etc .; taking hands small objects (erasers, buttons, and so on. d.).

In the social-emotional development of the baby at this age also occur various changes. Thus, the year-old child should be able to:

to recognize loved ones; guard or cry when a stranger; to show their emotions hugging mom and dad, favorite toy, kissing them; independently flipping book, indicate at the parents' request for a particular pattern; enjoy fun games and new toys; to express their displeasure through facial expressions (crying, screaming, squealing); with interest to look at her reflection in the mirror, to construct faces.

During this period, experts also recommend to pay attention to the speech development of the child. In the year of the child should be able to understand it and to actively react to it: to repeat the words of their peers, which he knows; imitate adults, repeating new words for them; perform simple requests such as "positive", "let", "open", "bring" and so on. etc .; understand the meaning of the word "no"; to know his name and to react to it; recognize objects around him and at the request of the parents to show them.

Tips for young parents

Many parents worry that their child should be able in the year so much, but in fact the baby knows only a few words with difficulty walking and still requires a pacifier. No need to worry: each kid their rate of development, will not work and a few months, he will catch up their peers and even become an example for them to follow.

Starting with the year you can teach a child to a specific mode of the day, but you have to always remember that at this age the baby is very active, and therefore tires quickly. Walking with him is recommended at least twice a day for 1.5-2 hours. Happy baby sleeps less frequently, usually one year or it needs to be put down only once, not counting the night's sleep. If a child is forbidden to do something, then this prohibition must act always, and not change with the mood of the parents.