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What can we give a 2-month baby

In the third month of life, your baby enters a new phase: he realizes that the surrounding things you can not only treat, but also to try to touch. A child at the age of 2.5 months starts to grasp and hold objects in their hands, to try them on taste, manipulate them. During this period, it is important to support young researchers and to give him worthy objects of study.

What can we give a 2-month baby

You will need:

Rattles, rubber toys, specially made bags, various household items.

Instruction that can be given to the child at 2 months

Step 1:

At first, offer the kid multicolored balls or rings and help him keep them. Give the child a toy rubber-squeaker. They can be taken into the mouth and squeeze to the handles. They are bright and the food, which means all the organs of the baby senses will be involved.

Step 2:

Pay particular attention to the choice of rattles, especially to the material from which they are composed. The first thing that will make your child with a toy - a shove it in your mouth, so the harmlessness of raw materials from which it is made, should not cause the slightest doubt. In addition, the two-month baby rattle should have rounded corners and a comfortable handle. Preference is to give a toy from a soft material, bright colors and publishing a nice, not too loud.

Step 3:

Diversify tactile child help special bags of materials of different textures, filled with a variety of fillers to the touch. It can be washed and calcined river sand, dried peas, buckwheat, feathers, straw, and so on. N. They can be made independently. Make sure that all seams are carefully stitched and fabric does not fade, and did not let the contents. If necessary, fold the fabric several times. Baggies make small in size and elongated shape that the child was easier to take.

Step 4:

It is very useful for the baby will investigate not only toys, but also some safe household objects. Under the constant supervision of your child to give into the hands of a painted wooden spoon with curved handle, pompom of thread, whip for whipping, nylon cap, a plastic bottle. Of course, all items must be pre-rinse and pour over boiling water. Houseware baby let's play our ancestors. In the course went all that the child could not break or chew. This was done not because there were few toys, and to ensure that as soon as possible to attach the baby to the world in which he will live.