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What challenges lie in wait for adoptive parents

The family, which is impossible to have a baby sooner or later thinks about adoption. But the adopted child - not a toy and is not subject to experiment. If you are going to take the child from the orphanage, be prepared for some difficulties.

What challenges lie in wait for adoptive parents

The stumbling block in the initial phase of adoption is often a collection of necessary documents. Many couples give up their decisions about foster child not wanting to spend the nerves in the paperwork.

Be patient and do not stop to think about the target. To adopt a child, you need to confirm its viability as a parent: fill in the questionnaire, to present a marriage certificate (preference is given to couples than to single parents), inquiries about the availability of housing, jobs and stable income, no criminal record, and severe diseases.

One of the problems may be a form of acceptance of the child into the family. There are two forms: guardianship and adoption. If there is no formal evidence of the parents do not have (the decision on deprivation of parental rights, the death certificate), then the child care may be temporary - custody.

In the presence of the documents allowed the adoption, that is, the child becomes a full member of the family. Sometimes guardianship can go into adoption, if there official information about the insolvency or death of these parents.

The main challenges come at a time when the child grows and develops. It can detect serious illnesses that can not be identified at the stage of infancy. Consider whether you would be willing to spend all the forces and finances in the event of problems with the health of the adopted child.

Also, the child is shown the character and their opinions. Seeing bad habits receiver offspring, parents in horror start to think: "Oh, he was all in his mother-junkie", etc. However, any habit can be eradicated, if it is correct to raise the child.

With the adoption of children older than 2 years can occur with adaptation issues. Child, watching the violence and scandals in his real family could be scared every rustle, changes in voice intonation, etc. However, sincerely loving his true parents (no matter how they were not), children sometimes can not get used to calling strangers "mom" and "dad". Do not demand unconditional recognition of your parents right away, it may take several months or even years.

Remember that repeated failure and return to the orphanage children's psyche can cause serious injury. Your patience, love, care, and commitment to the hardships of family life will be a strong foundation on which you build a happy family together.