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What could be the cause of insomnia in the child

Interestingly, how often there is a problem with laying child? It's not a difficult question, as opposed to the problem. The reasons because of which the child refuses to go to sleep, in fact, very much. And what causes the most popular?

What could be the cause of insomnia in the child Energy

Perhaps one of the most popular reasons due to which the child does not want to sleep, is too large a surplus of energy. It is possible that the child does not have time to spend the whole day up to the energy of the time, when it comes time to go to bed. By evening, the child still wants to make a noise, jumping, running and jumping around the apartment. It would be great if the child will walk every day at least for a few hours. Outdoors it will move actively and play with other children. But you never want to do baby gifts in the evening, because at night the child interested in a gift and does not want to go to bed, not played enough.

Failure to comply with the regime of the day

If parents do not put your baby at the same time, then they can not be surprised that the child does not want to go to bed. The child is vital mode of the day, so it must be put to bed always at the same time. Soon, after some time, the child and taught himself to go to bed at a certain time. But do not make concessions to the child and push back the time of laying, because where one indulgence for the child, and there will be a second and third and one hundred twenty-three.

The lack of parental attention

If parents spend days lost at work, and in the evening engaged in the affairs, then and in such families also quickly put the child to bed it will be extremely difficult. The thing is that the child will also need the attention of parents. It is important to find time for it to play with the baby, and play the coolest games, read a book or just talk.


If a child feels fear, no need to shout or scold him. Also, you do not need to say that it is a dreamer, because the monsters living under the bed - it is a very serious problem. In order to get rid of it, it is necessary to protect the child from the horror stories, family quarrels and scandals. 


Before going to bed you can not eat anything sweet because sugar quickly and powerfully activates the nervous system. It is best to warm milk with a spoon or two spoons of honey to soothe a child.