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What could be the scenario matinees

Matinee - is not only extending the children and happy parents watching them. This plan and the script, rehearsals and preparation of orders - in short, hard work ... But the reward for this work can be very memorable!

What could be the scenario matinees

Instruction as may be scenarios matinees

Step 1:

The reason for the matinee can be a common holiday (New Year, on February 23 or March 8), and a unique event - the arrival of spring, the end of the school year or kindergarten, as well as - featuring children's achievements during the period. Also a good time, this is an important educational process - because the children do not only learn how to act. They also gain valuable experience in preparation and rehearsals, ie learn to work and think about the result of their efforts.

Step 2:

The work on the matinees begins with a detailed plan. It is necessary to determine the exact number of participants, duration and total budget of the event (tape, floor space, musical instruments, props, costumes, etc.). On this basis - displays the plot, the number and duration of the solo and group numbers. Depending on age, children can change their appearance or even the desire to act. For example, a girl Olya scenario teaches poetry, but it turns out that she has a great voice and a song in her performance can be a real highlight of the matinee. Always leave room for the script of force majeure. All the intricacies of the plot should easily beat that one sick child is not ripped off the festivities.

Step 3:

It is important that children understand the course of events, not just stretched at some point speak. Of course, this depends on the age. Three year old can already be fully available to explain their role. Unless, of course, it is not the role of Hamlet. Do not forget that this is primarily a children's holiday, and the boys must not only show off their skills and work educators, and enjoy the process. You can use the already well-known fairy tales for children. On the basis of Bun, Towers, etc. you can write a script, complementing it with new plot twists. For example, the gingerbread man was able to move away from the fox, and rolled to a matinee. Maybe animals, after the bear destroyed them Teremok, children come to for advice and help. Or, on the contrary, animals have already built a new house and now talk and sing about it.

Step 4:

Scenarios for kids 1-2 years old must be focused on the group dances, round dances, chorus master answers. Excellent fit in the program matinee performance of the puppet theater (adults show and tell). The children sit on the chairs, it will help them relax and focus before the next number. But Santa Claus or huge bear might scare them. It is better, if the leading educators are familiar or neutral characters that do not cause strong emotions (Fairy Godmother, The Snow Maiden, Cinderella, The Little Prince, etc.)

Step 5:

The older children are, the more difficult it may be a program and more rooms with their participation. It is very important in the process to pay attention to the personal qualities of children - to show what they do best. If children hesitate, we can offer them a role without words, but important in the context of the overall scenario. For example, the snowman has found the lost Santa Claus went to kindergarten in the woods bag and three days, so that children are not left without gifts. And boy Vasya, refusing to sing and dance, will also be able to feel like an artist. And if in the process of rehearsals the child becomes more liberated and stakeholders, this role can easily complicate, adding a couple of phrases.