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What education

Man needs much more time to raise your child than is necessary for the animal training their young. Lack of proper educational measures may lead to a delay of mental abilities, the wrong perception of the world. What can be called education?

What education

Instruction that such education

Step 1:

Education - a purposeful personal development to further its participation in the cultural and social life. The purpose of education - to achieve positive changes in a person who is under the influence of conducted educational activities, actions.

Step 2:

There are cases when a child is brought up by wild animals and to survive in a difficult environment, with the support of animals. Children jungle transferred into human society, not adapted to life in human society.

Step 3:

Adults must participate in the processes of socialization and development of children. Fairytale - is one of the methods in raising a child. If you know the psychology of children, you will see that with the help of stories and fairy tales you can educate them. Telling the tale, you pass the experience of past generations in a more accessible form.

Step 4:

At that time, when you educate children, it is important not to miss the time when the child is listening to you, reaches out to you when you have the authority to him. If you are constantly busy and you do not have spare time to raise his own child, then use even if those moments when pick up your child from kindergarten or school. Children are very vulnerable, they require evaluation of others, especially their fellow peers. And any careless statement may affect the child's psyche. Consequently, the need to teach children to increase their self-esteem, develop self-confidence.

Step 5:

Spiritual love is impossible to spoil, because people only become happier from it. Parents should understand that tenderness and affection are important for children. The child stretches where there is love, where it is taken for what it is. But we must understand that it does not spoil and nurture your baby from an egoist. We can not tolerate a lot, spoiling the younger generation. Some people behave very correctly, when angry, while others show the offender fists. Because one man in control of his emotions, and the other - no. Explain to your child that everyone experiences negative emotions, but you have to learn to control them.

Step 6:

Be a true friend of the child, that he shared their successes and experiences with you. Often, problems with children are due to the fact that parents do not understand themselves. The goal of any human - to understand himself, and then bring up their child.