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What fight

Every pregnant woman with impatience and fear at the same time expect the onset of labor. What they represent, known only by those who have known the joy of motherhood. But a lot depends on those to whom it is the first birth in your life, you need to prepare for it, because of the behavior of mothers during labor.

What fight

Instruction that this fight

Step 1:

The contractions - involuntary, regular, from thirty seconds to 2 minutes, the contractions of the uterus, which are generic expels the fetus forces. They testify to the beginning of the generative process. A characteristic feature is the onset of labor pain. It grows slowly and just runs. Initially, contractions are felt as a slight discomfort in the abdomen. First, the gap between them is about half (or possibly more), the uterine contraction lasts from 5 to 10 seconds. Gradually, their frequency, length and intensity increase. The maximum power and duration have a last bout prior to the vain attempts.

Step 2:

Often during labor can move the mucus plug, which protects the uterus from infection during pregnancy. It testifies to the passage of impending birth. This is not to say that they would begin on that day, but it is advisable to abandon travel and spend more at home this time. If the mucus plug departed 2 weeks before the expected birth, and it was found the blood, contact your doctor immediately.

Step 3:

Sometimes, before the start of contractions bursts fetal bladder. This is the most typical for pervorozhavshih women. Time outpouring of amniotic fluid and the color you need to remember and inform your doctor. In this case, how to go to the hospital as soon as possible.

Step 4:

The maternity hospital will also need to go at once, if the interval between contractions is different and there is severe pain, as well as re-birth. Very often the last place much more rapidly at first birth, so it is best not to delay it. If such a situation did not happen, go to the hospital when the time between contractions reduced to 8 minutes.

Step 5:

Often you can feel the periodic uterine contractions, believing that this is the fight. However, most often it is false labor, it is a harbinger of fast delivery. They prepare the mother for childbirth and are irregular. The time interval between the false contractions are not reduced. They usually appear after half an hour for four hours. Such fights you can stop on their own, which just relax, take a shower, take a comfortable position, and drink a glass of water. It is useful here and massage the sacral spine.