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What good fleece clothing for children

For modern children's clothing market is simply overwhelmed. But it is difficult to choose from the variety of tissue is such that will serve faithfully for a long time. In fact, do not have a lot of children's clothing, we just have to choose wisely baby wardrobe. One of the nice options - Fleece suits and hooking.

What good fleece clothing for children

From fleece sewn not only suits (jacket and pants separately) and kombenizony but dress shirt, gloves and hats. Although it is synthetic fabric, it has a lot of advantages in comparison with natural wool.

Fleece is very light and warm. Clothes made it virtually weightless, which is quite significantly if we are talking about crumbs, just start walking. Such a chubby little boy in winter woolen thick sweater is almost impossible to move. But fleece suit for the same low-temperature thin will not restrict movement.

This fleece holds the heat well and removes moisture from the body. These properties are indispensable in the rainy season, when the baby should be put on the rubberized protective jacket and pants. Rubber does not only protect from the rain outside, but does not give enough skin to breathe. If under such a garment the child is cotton, it quickly gets wet with sweat and cool down, baby just freeze. But fleece will take moisture away from the body to the outside, but he will remain warm. Due to the fact that he cherishes even wet in fleece gloves and mittens hand little freezing rain and sleet.

That mother, who likes to wear your baby in a sling or backpack ergo, also evaluate the quality of fleece hooking. When a child is sitting to carry on the body of the parent, his movements are very stiffness, additional belts and buckles there is quite unnecessary. Therefore solid kombenizony - the best option for the sling. It is only one zipper and no other locks that may prevent movements or hurting baby. In addition, in close contact with the mother accumulates a lot of heat, the baby's stomach is often sweats, and back in the meantime much colder. Fleece will take moisture away from the skin on the abdomen, and the back will not freeze.

The design of the fleece jumpsuit easily laid a large stock size. This is done by cuffs on the sleeves and trouser legs, as well as the gum on the back. Therefore, hooking from a fabric will last more than one season.

Fleece clothing dries quickly. In suits with knitted elastics inserts and cotton dries much longer. Therefore fleece hooking or costume does not need to be replaced. If the baby in the morning soaked them in the evening they were already dry.

Do not waste money buying countless children's clothing "to replace". Enough to have a child one or two high-quality fleece suit or hooking, which will be useful in the winter frosts and summer rain.