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What if the baby is jealous

Children's jealousy - it is a struggle for the attention of their parents by any means available. In the course are disobedient, moods, fight, demonstration of their own "unhappiness" - The mass of options. In this situation, many parents are lost and do not know how to behave.

What if the baby is jealous

Children's jealousy can cause in the family another baby. The birth of a baby brother or sister - a new stage in the life of the family. At first, the eldest child perceives crumbs like a new toy, which is interesting to consider and touch. But soon the firstborn understand that the baby settled in its territory forever. Now you need to share with them the toys, their living space, and most importantly - love and attention of parents.

The fewer the children the age difference, the greater will be manifested zeal. Some children show aggression toward the baby, but more often angry parents, so unjustly dealt with them.

To avoid or minimize jealousy attacks, you need to prepare in advance the older child to the appearance of the baby. Talk to him, explain that you will also greatly love him, and after the baby is born. Try to keep the already established family tradition, which used the older child: family walks on weekends, field trips, bedtime story.

Reach eldest child to care for newborns. When you bathe the baby, it can bring and hold a towel or soap to help handle the child. Walk together for a walk, let the baby under your strict guidance will carry the stroller with the baby.

Thinking along with you about the little brother or sister, the child will not feel neglected and unnecessary violence. No matter how you have been busy caring for the baby, be sure to take the time to communicate with the first-born: play around with it, paint with, or just chat.

When the baby gets older, take it a rule never to compare children with each other. This is a direct way to foment jealousy and rivalry between the children. Strongly emphasize and cultivate the idea that you are one family, relatives and friends the best people who should love and cherish each other.

Often children are jealous of one of the parents. For example, coming home in the evening is dad to hug and kiss my mother as a pipsqueak bursts into tears and aggressive shouting: "My mother," Usually it happens in families where dad works a lot and is rarely at home. In such a situation it is necessary to explain to the kid that loves the same mother and him and my father, and the father should try to spend more time with the child. The main thing is that the child realized that you are one family, and Dad loves you all, and was not going to take away my mother.

It is important to maintain confidence in the children of parental love. Find a method that is right for your family, and not all children's fears and doubts!