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What if the baby's temperature

Pediatricians have different opinions as to whether or not to shoot down at the baby's temperature. Some believe that in this way the body fights disease and prevent it not worth it. Others are convinced that too much heat is dangerous for small children. But parents in each case decide on his own.

What if the baby's temperature

To lower the temperature, there are a few simple techniques, the old, but effective. The air in the room where the child should not be dry and hot - the body will lose a lot of fluids, heat transfer is reduced. The optimum temperature of + 20 ° C, humidity - 60%. 

Give your child plenty to drink. Even if the child refuses to drink plenty of fluids, persuade him. The evaporation of sweat from the skin contributes to the enhanced heat transfer. Excess heat and leave during exhalation and urination, and all need liquid. Treat for the child should be as long as it does not make a part of urination. Feed lots should not be to avoid creating extra body heat.

Most of the children at a temperature not eat - do not make them by force. When the child gets better, he will ask to eat. 

Limit the child's movements - it also increases the amount of heat in the body. Clothing should be light, wrap the baby can not. If it is cold, do not cover heavy quilt - Find something light and warm, such as plaid.

Fever-reducing medications without consulting your pediatrician to give is not worth it. In an extreme case, you can file a child paracetamol, if not allergic to it - this drug is considered to be relatively safe.