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What immunizations do children under one year

In Russia, there is a national immunization schedule for children up to a year. This is a list of mandatory vaccines, which is necessary to make a child, to avoid infectious diseases.

What immunizations do children under one year What vaccinations

Vaccination - is the administration of a substance which forms a specific immune diseases. Usually do antigenic preparations on the basis of the disease, but as part of the dead or weakened pathogens. Proper use of drugs helps to form a protection for the baby that is absolutely necessary. It allows you to not get sick a particular child and avoid the epidemic in the community.

In the past, there were many human diseases, which led to the death of whole nations. Usually it is an infection that spread through airborne droplets. Whooping cough, diphtheria, tetanus, tuberculosis, hepatitis B - this is a very serious disease with serious complications. Vaccination is not always completely prevent the possibility of infection, but helps to prevent severe illness and transmit it to other people.

Immunization Schedule for children up to 1 year

The very first vaccination do birthday. Within 12 hours after the birth of all babies are administered the vaccine against hepatitis B. This vaccination do 2 or 3 times. 1 is carried out in the second month. Only an integrated approach helps to prevent infection. This vaccine can not cause disease, all vaccines used in Russia, artificially bred in the laboratory. Their composition is safe.

The second vaccination is carried out in the first week of life - is prevention of tuberculosis. Immunity to the disease it is important to form at an early age, since kids are very vulnerable. It is transmitted by droplet infection and affects the lungs, bones and nervous system.

In 3 months carried out vaccination against tetanus, diphtheria and polio. There are some drugs for injection, they are interchangeable. Vaccinated do 3 times. Revisited 4.5 months and 6 months. Only an integrated approach allows to obtain a stable result.

At 12 months, it is necessary to make a vaccine against measles and rubella. This is a "live" vaccine, which causes a mild illness. Measles is mild, but at this time the baby is restless. Softer method has not yet been invented.

Additional vaccinations

Parents may decide to make additional year of vaccination. This volunteer opportunity that helps protect the baby from infections that occur on the territory of Russia is not often. They are necessary for long-distance travel or seasonal exacerbations in the region.

Vaccination against yellow fever is made for travel to Latin America, in Africa or in India. In these travels recommended vaccine yet against tick-borne encephalitis. Last vaccine is sometimes carried out and when outbreaks of disease in the place of residence.

Vaccination against chickenpox to binding does not apply, but doctors advised her to apply when cases of infection among children and adults in the area.

The flu shot helps to easily transfer this disease. It is often offered to do in the fall, when epidemics are highly likely. There are dozens of different vaccines, you can choose any.

Vaccination - is the protection of the child, from which you can not refuse. Time to make vaccination significantly reduces the possibility of infection or disease makes the flow easy.