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What is adaptation

The question of what is an adaptation, there is many parents whose children first go to kindergarten. This phenomenon is an adaptation of the organism to the changing environmental conditions of life, accompanied by a number of negative aspects.

What is adaptation

Instruction that such adaptation

Step 1:

Adaptation of children is hard enough and goes depending on the stability of immunity to diseases and psychological qualities can last up to 6 months. The process of adaptation is related to two aspects - psychological and physiological.

Step 2:

The first circumstance is largely dependent on the child's communication skills and temperament type. Once in an unfamiliar environment for him, staying with strangers in isolation from parents, the child feels fear. If the kid likes to chat, he quickly found a common language with their peers and likes to garden. In the case where the relationship of the child with his mother great garden tours will be accompanied by tears and tantrums.

Step 3:

Also adaptation affects the physiological state, as local protection of the body is reduced, therefore, children often get sick. Gradually, the body gets used to the new conditions for him and begins to resist infections and viruses.

Step 4:

There are three types of flow adaptation, define each of which can be through a special medical procedure, where the child is assessed points. However, parents themselves can also understand how the children adapt. Favorable considered adaptation, during which there are no pronounced neurotic reactions. Relatively favorable is the process in which your child has no more than one of colds during the month. Psychological state returns to normal within a couple of months. Unfavorable for adaptation are much more common. In this case, the child is ill for more than visiting the garden, can lose weight and to stabilize the emotional state can take up to three months.

Step 5:

We can assume that the child has adapted to the changing situation, when his psychological condition is stable, he is in a good mood, not sick and developed in accordance with the age criteria. It should be noted that such a stressful situation for children includes not only the beginning of kindergarten, and first grade.