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What is childhood

Everyone has an idea of ​​childhood. After all, there is an adult who is not used to be a child. However, when it comes time to become parents, expectant mothers and fathers or made from his childhood definite conclusions, if any, they are afraid to talk themselves and rely only on the advice of teachers-professionals. And in order to feel confident, you need to know the answer to the question of what childhood is and what the person decides in this period of life.

What is childhood

Instruction that is childhood

Step 1:

Childhood in most countries is the period from birth to 18 years. Childhood - the concept of psychological, because the biological maturity in individuals can occur as early as 13-14let. In this period the preparation of the future member of society to full life in it. At that time, the foundation is laid for the development of the emotional sphere and intellect, as well as the ability to interact harmoniously with the structures that exist in society. The boundaries are blurred and time periods are very individual, some are psychologically mature for only 28-30 years. But this refers to the extreme, there are the averages and norms common to all children crises.

Step 2:

Up to one year the child receives a basic understanding of the world and a very important installation on the trust or distrust of the world. Therefore, the mother needs to be with a child under one year, despite the importance of its professional activities. If a woman wants to have a healthy emotionally and intellectually open to the world of the child, she had to donate at least one year baby.

Step 3:

From year to three child forms its first practical skills, it is not only the ability to cater for themselves. Some kids at this age can affect mood around him, one more capable of subtle hand movements, while others are able to build a relationship, and the third - an excellent job with the designer. Abilities are different, but in this age man learns to shape their everyday environment, solve the immediate problem. If the information from the scope of capabilities is not sufficient at this stage, the following stages of people will feel unable to solve everyday problems (especially for the type of card).

Step 4:

In three years, the child suddenly becomes moody, it is difficult to calm down and understand what he wants. The fact that he still does not understand what he wanted. And attempts to empirically determine what information it stimulates the mind. Someone needed vivid emotions, someone - clear language and instructions. One need new features and puzzles, others - interesting events, it depends on the psycho. At this age the child is laid motivation, so you need to bravely endure the whims and not try to prohibit. The consequences of the prohibitions is very sad - formed man, who does not want anything, and nothing he was not interested.

Step 5:

In the next 13-14 years there comes a serious test - the crisis of socialization. The man realizes that there is still and the world, which is necessary to meet the requirements. Prior to that child lives personal interests in his own world. Young children are not violent - they simply do not see themselves through the eyes of society. And 13-14let the "eyes open" a young man, and he begins to understand that society can not escape from. The parent should be his tolerant and considerate mentor regulations adopted in society. Children often do not trust their parents and are looking for an advisor on the side. Therefore it is necessary to make efforts to become the main authority for the younger child.