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What is needed first grader stationery

Every year on the first day of autumn, the lives of hundreds of thousands of children changes completely. Psychologists say that this event in importance than many others to humans. The child perceives the purchase of all the necessary supplies for the school as an exciting game. High-quality, bright and functional office supplies to help a first grader easier to enter into a new life.

What is needed first grader stationery

First graders are required in several notebooks and cell line, on 12 and 18 sheets. In school, you will need to know which line is required, oblique or normal. Try to choose a bright and beautiful cover art, listen to the requests of their child in this regard. Mladsheklassnikov will be more interesting to write in a beautiful notebook.

First-graders can not do without an album for drawing. For variety, you can buy two fine album, but it is advisable to buy one with a large number of sheets. To "store images" are not rumpled, buy a special folder, it too should be bright and beautiful. You can replace a set of album blank sheets of A4.

Buy everything you need to paint. The student will need a first class set of brushes of different sizes, water cup, palette, colored pencils, crayons, pastels and paint.

It takes color and white cardboard and paper for labor lessons. Open the box and look at the surface of the sheet, it should be slightly rough to stick together better. Glossy paper is only suitable for craft projects that do not need to handle the adhesive.

Responsible approach to the choice of the scissors. They should have a good cutting surface, so that the child did not experience difficulties at work. Dull scissors can cause damage to the material, but first graders need a variant with rounded tips to protect yourself from injury.

In the first class can not do without high-quality glue. On sale are several types of options: a tube of liquid and pencil. Pencil more convenient to use and it can not be accidentally spill, but the standard PVA glues better and safer.

You can not do without a cover for notebooks and textbooks, coasters, erasers, pencil sharpeners, rulers, pens Kit. Check the condition and reliability of all of these items in the shop.

On creativity lessons can be useful items such as a mat, boards for molding, special sleeves and an apron. Do not do without the clay, but select the package with a modern material, which leaves the child's hands clean.

It is very important subject for a first grader is a pencil case. It must be sufficiently spacious, reliable and easy to close.