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What is needed to start feeding

Coming up to the age at which it is recommended to start solid foods, mothers often learn about what kind of food should be incorporated into the child's diet and in what sequence. However, an important question is what kind of objects and things need to comfort my mother breast-feeding adult food, is often overlooked. What you need to start feeding.

What is needed to start feeding

Consider the basic items that are required for ease of mother and child, a transient in the adult food

1. Highchair. This high chair that allows you to feed your baby, sitting next to him on a stool.

There are many models (including the various Transformers). We advise to choose the chair with a soft, but washable seat. It is important to have high chair belts fixation, better - Five-point, as in a stroller. If the chair has a table, it is advisable to choose a model with a well-washable surface. Better to choose a countertop with a side (so the baby will be harder to brush away a plate and all of its contents on the floor). Also choose a model in which it is possible to adjust the table top, ie, move up or remove it from a seated child.

2. Children's dishes. Children's dishes should be more than just a beautiful, bright and interesting. It should be safe and comfortable for the baby and for the mother.

We advise you not to buy plastic utensils. Although this version of unbreakable, but plastic, even of good quality, absorb odors and scratched. And microcracks begin to multiply bacteria. Better use of crockery which is easy to wash.

If you do decide to buy plastic containers, regularly replace the old set a new for the first year of life.

It features a children's crockery and size, many moms attract small cups, plates, spoons and even a fork. Indeed, the use of small dishes is very convenient. This allows you to limit the number of people who will use these dishes, because your older children or beloved husband is unlikely to gain the soup itself in the size of the plate cam with the child. In addition, the small size of the dishes accurately determine the serving size for a toddler.

3. A small saucepan. Since it is recommended to boil it before writing directly to the reception, a small saucepan will be most welcome for the first year of the child. Cooked vegetables or soup for the child, we do not store more than a day, so prepare it all in a small amount. So in a small saucepan. It is desirable that this was an enamel saucepan.

4. Blender. Blender - a great invention of the century, facilitating the life of a small child's mother. Grind the blender can be anything you want. But it is better to use a cup or a special deep bowl, or to wash the kitchen from the spray will have a long time.

5. Children grater. Children grater - irreplaceable thing in the early weaning. It is a plastic or metal float, which, when rubbed, turns the apple, pear or banana fruit pulp is now no worse than from a jar. Highly recommended!

6. Set bib. Be prepared for the fact that at the beginning of feeding, you will need 7 to 10 bib. Therefore, we recommend to buy the whole set. It is better to buy bibs made of cloth with a waterproof bottom layer. So drop mashed, whether soup porridge will not slide on the clothes, and stay on the fabric surface.

7. fishnet for feeding. When a child has to learn to chew and bite, about six months, some fruits and vegetables can give it a try on a tooth. To the baby choked on large pieces of food, place it in a special mesh complementary foods.

We do not recommend to choose silicone mesh, despite the fact that it seems to be more hygienic. As shown, by mechanical action on the hole with silicone mantle stretched and in the baby's mouth get quite large pieces of food, which he can not always swallow.

8. Clock for Mom. Choose comfortable clothes that you will wear it at the time of feeding the baby. Just to not change clothes after each feeding and is angry at the baby, who put a stain on your favorite shirt.

We have listed all the basic items that you need at the time of weaning.