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What is the impact on the development of the child gadgets

Most preschoolers and pupils of elementary grades, despite his young age, already can not imagine their life without gadgets and computer. Parents understand that it is dangerous, but how to deal with it, do not know everything.

What is the impact on the development of the child gadgets

The modern reality is inseparable from the technological advances of the plan. The child truly does not understand why it is limited in such amusements parents who themselves spend all day behind the monitor. The older generation also faces a dilemma: on the one hand - a life without electronic devices in today's world simply uncomfortable, but on the other hand - the dependence of the child from the virtual world is frightening. But a compromise can be found in this situation: metered access to electronic toys will not harm the child's mind and will save your nerves parents.

New hobbies

The more the child's interests, the less time he will spend in a network or with the gadget in hand. Direct the attention of his child on creative activities, taking into account its interests, this way you will be able to reduce the importance of the virtual world.

• From an early age the child get acquainted with the arts, crafts, flora and fauna. Engage with him manufacturer of various handicrafts, collectibles, get a pet or break mini-vegetable garden.

• One or two days a week, make the days off of devices. At this time, do not try and use the computer. The choice of entertainment these days entrust the child, but adjust it in line with reasonable limits.


The opinion of many parents that the Internet - is evil, wrong. In the vastness of the World Wide Web available to the most interesting museums in the world, can be seen on ancient architectural structures, learn to create music, unique photos, draw fashion models and many, many things. Only need to properly convey this to the child's consciousness, to teach him to separate the desired from the harmful. Explain that visiting unfamiliar and obscure sites can harm not only himself, but also his favorite toy. A child asked a question to which you do not know the answer? Find the answer with him on the Internet, at the same time teach him to use the search engines. Make it a rule to explain and discuss, not to abuse, then the child will share with you what he saw and heard, and you can tell him "what is good and what is bad."

Useful care

Rules of care of real life also apply on the Internet. You can not talk to strangers, give them your phone number and home address. Even those who claim to be personally acquainted with someone a parent, you need to politely refuse and stop the dialogue. Accounts of the child in social networks should be protected as much as possible, do not forget from time to time to view them, but do not turn the control to the all-pervasive repression. The child must share with you new experiences not under duress, and with pleasure. Explain to the child that many hours of pastime for a computer monitor can damage vision, cause problems with the spine and other unpleasant health complications.

excess adrenaline

Continuous Shooting game causes the release of adrenaline, which serves as an incentive aggressiveness in the real world. The child becomes unruly, rude, his speech can be incoherent and inconsistent. This state can be called in one word, "Got Game". Allow this can not be! But if it happens, then

• insist on the need to water procedures (bath or shower)

• Let him drink a glass of cool drink, which would restore the water balance in the body, disturbed intoxication as a result of the release of adrenaline,

• Make it move that would relieve muscle tension.

In the future, make sure that computer games have alternated with active walks in the air, time dose devices to personal communication.

Technological innovations have made the childhood of our children completely different from ours, but the negative impact of gadgets can cause irreparable damage to health. Compliance with certain rules will help to avoid problems and to eliminate the occurrence of painful, depending on the computer.