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What kind of minors are registered at the police

Children - just children. Every day on the streets they are satisfied with their own little revolution dealt with the terrible conflicts and exploring different patterns of behavior. Nevertheless, the state reserves the right to "take note" of children who are initially dubious role models.

What kind of minors are registered at the police

Obviously, the "special attention" paid to children exhibiting antisocial behavior. It is defined by the Order number 569-Interior Ministry on May 26, 2000: You can find a list of items for which the child will have to undergo regular "educational conversations".

The most "harmless" item list - the use of drugs or intoxicants - for which the catch can, for example, teachers in the school. The rest can be generally characterized as "illegal actions of varying degrees of seriousness." From an administrative penalty for the broken window, to the crime of which because of their age can not call for criminal penalties.

Balance is obvious: small terrible violations only in large quantities, and for the transfer of the road in the wrong place can "burn" with only the 5th time, if not later. In more serious cases, the decision is made individually: from the fight can still "carry", but for the beating have to answer. Especially if it actively requires the aggrieved party.

However, the real world is not ideal. Unfortunately, there are reporting requirements and the arbitrariness of the police, which often lead to absurd results. There are cases where the bureaucratic machine factory "dossier" for a child crossing the street, or for violation of the curfew (almost on the whole territory of Russian children should not be on the street after 22:00). This guarantee is even a favorable outcome of the Commission on Juvenile Affairs, which considers each case.

Alas, a chance to rectify the situation in this case is not too much. As in any other case, the state is unlikely to want to easily recognize the mistake. Gather a good lawyer, family characteristics as a whole and in particular the child and go to the first place and then to higher authorities. If the output does not turn out the calm himself by staging a similar account at a number of documents and recorded, but no major obstacles to man in life is not created.