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What kind of toy to give your child

Now it is very hard to choose the child any particular toy. Not because the choice is small, but because, on the contrary, it is very high. Sometimes in the children's store just do not know on what to choose.

What kind of toy to give your child

The best option will be the designers, which are presented in a large assortment for all ages. Now sell special designers, for both girls and boys, as well as common, in which it will be interesting to play and that and the other. The designer can choose absolutely any taste, they vary in price, manufacturer, according to the complexity of the assembly, which is determined according to the age of the child. Constructor - it is a useful toy, he not only develops logical thinking, and gives an idea of ​​the whole and the private sector. By creating a new shape, the baby develops the imagination.

Very popular among children and adults enjoy the brand's designers of Lego. Choosing the designers of this type, you can introduce your baby with different themes:. Flora and fauna, professions, activities, transport, etc. The designer touches even some questions of philosophy. Designers are for completely different age children, even some teenagers will be interesting to play them.

Lego is a flat parts, hollow and cylindrical spikes. This allows parts to connect with each other. In addition, there are blocks that are used to construct special buildings, and further details - it can be a model of people and technology, animals and plants, home decoration.

First Lego appeared a long time ago, back in 1949, and immediately gained immense popularity. In 1997 it was released 38 official computer games based on Lego.

Choosing the best toys in specialized stores, since the purchase of toys in places not intended for the implementation of children's products, can be fraught with bad consequences. When choosing a toy, you must make sure that this product has all the necessary certificates.

Choosing Lego, you will not go wrong with a gift as this toy is capable of completely captivate any child.