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What not to do during pregnancy

The gestation period - one of the most difficult in a woman's life, because her body is the object of attention for nine months. Responsibility for the little person growing inside, leading to the abandonment of many usual cases.

What not to do during pregnancy

Instruction can not be done during pregnancy

Step 1:

Limit physical activity. Overexertion can adversely affect the fetus. There are kinds of loads, which are not only permitted, but also useful for pregnant women - it's swimming, aerobics for expectant mothers. But weight lifting is not recommended. Try not to raise your hands up, especially in recent months.

Step 2:

Watch out for power. To the baby was born healthy and strong, nine months can not eat or need to strictly limit fried, canned, smoked and overly salty. Avoiding alcohol is required, it is advisable not to eat-food allergens.

Step 3:

Do not take medicines without doctor's permission. Before you start the course any medication, even vitamins, consult your obstetrician-gynecologist. Many drugs can impair fetal development and cause him irreparable harm.

Step 4:

Carefully choose clothing and shoes. Do not wear shoes with high heels, as well as on the very flat sole. Avoid strong tight clothing that compresses the abdomen. This recommendation applies to the underwear.

Step 5:

Avoid certain cosmetic services. Hair coloring, nail painting, and part of them belongs to the category of unwanted procedures.

Step 6:

Housework associated with slopes, a show on a stool or stepladder, using chemicals to pregnant prohibited. Use maternity leave for rest and relaxation, rather than as a reason to start a repair or to arrange a general cleaning.