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What should a child be able to do five, six years in the city and outside the city

Five-year, six-year olds can be taught many things - for example, how to behave in nature. There are also many things that need to know and be able to child is permanently residing in the city. Try to teach your baby to such things - they will be useful to him.

What should a child be able to do five, six years in the city and outside the city

What must be able to kids, while outside the city:

- Know the names of berries that grow in your area, to distinguish the poisonous berries and those that will not do harm;

- know the names of the trees and learn them at different times of the year;

- to be able to make a fire (under adult supervision and in compliance with safety regulations);

- know the points of the compass and define them, if you know where there is at least one;

- to know the animals and be able to follow safety rules when meeting with them dwell in your land;

- to be able to tie several different types of units.

The city of children five and six years of age should know the following:

- remember your name, next of kin details, well, if the child will learn the parents' room phones;

- children must be able to navigate to the area of ​​the city, home;

- understand the danger of not being able to come from the fire, know the rules of behavior in fire;

- to know how to communicate with strangers;

- be able to use simple household appliances and follow safety rules while

- understand the danger of a gas explosion, know what to do in case of leakage;

- to be able to cross the street and know the meaning of traffic signals.