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What should I do if my child greedy?

Sooner or later, the parents have to deal with children's greed. Usually this trait manifests itself in children aged three to four years. Do not take a hostile reception, and scared, in fact, this is a normal condition and development of the child.

What should I do if my child greedy?

By the time the child begins to familiarity with the concept of private property (2-4 years), he mentally divides the world into "my" - "foreign". After about 2-3 years the child will outgrow this sense, the main task of the parents at the time - no harm.

If you take the wrong child to greed, it is possible to grow a miser or conversely a person who does not appreciate anything, giving away all right and left. In order to cope with children's greed, need to understand that it happens very often when the parents do not like to share and teach the child not to give anyone their toys. At the age of three to the child's foremost authority - it is his parents. Greedy children whose parents have no respect for their private territory. You can swipe to the ego of the child if you give it to a toy neighbor boy without his knowledge. If the mother does not consider the child's opinion important, it means that he has to defend his own. The child thus begins to swear for every little thing, trying to prove their right to property.

If your child has a lot of toys, and some of them you want to give more to the needy, it is better to offer the child alone to select toys that he wants to give. Explain to your child that some children have absolutely no toys, and they will be very happy if they get at least a small part. Is it possible solemnly to collect and carry the toys in the children's home or in a shelter, and then arrange a small party. Then the child will feel the significance of the donation and will perceive this process as something joyful.

If there is a conflict situation on the playground, you can not select a toy from your child and give it to the opponent. For the child, you take on the role of protector, if you stand in the debate on the direction of the enemy, he will be deeply disappointed. Explain to your child that he can give a toy to play differently, and that the toy he is required to return. If the child still does not agree, do not insist. If the conflict between children turns into a fight, it is necessary to immediately divert the attention of both: offer to do something else, such as a ride on a swing. Be always on the side of your child, even if you have to face the negative of the other moms.

Be sure to explain to your child how to conduct themselves need, and how to conduct themselves not worth better. It is practically impossible to teach a child to share their favorite toys, because even you have some things you do not want to give anyone. Do not scold the child for greed, it is better to raise it generosity. Offer to buy sweets specially to treat your friends, read good books about how zveryata share with everyone, and get twice as much. It is important to make it clear to your child that you need to respect other people's things.

If you give it the correct understanding of their own and other people's property, it will help the child to cultivate one's adequate perception of money and things. Partly greed inherent in every person, so it is important in a child properly balance these two concepts.