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What should know the child in the first class

Many parents seek as soon as possible to begin to inculcate love of knowledge to their babies. Someone begins to engage with your child as soon as he had time to be born, others expect that the first knowledge of the child should get into the kindergarten. But parents think before going to school on what needs to know the child in the first class.

What should know the child in the first class

You will need:

a piece of paper; a pen; pencil; coloring books; geometric figures.

Instruction should know that the child is in the first class

Step 1:

The different schools to the future first-graders requirements may vary. On admission to an educational institution can offer your daze be tested, else you can do a job interview. Many professionals are similar in the opinion that before entering school is important psycho-emotional readiness of the future student. If you want to know whether your child is ready for school, try to answer to him on the following questions: • surname, name, patronymic of the child; • Full name of parents; • who work thy father and mother; • Give your address, where you live; • sex of the child - who he is: a girl or a boy; • the existence of baby brother or sister who is older; • the child's age - how old are you? Count - how many years you will be in a year or two years; • the time of day - the day, morning, evening; • when you have breakfast there - morning, afternoon or evening; • what time of year - winter, spring, summer, autumn? Why does a child think so; • Whether to draw the child loves? Tell me what color the pencil or any other object of your choice; • When children are sledding - summer or winter; • Do you want to go to school? • one of the animals more - cow or goat, elephant, or a dog, etc .; • Tell me about the birds and animals that you know (the child can name 3 and 3 wild animals, bird list, who knows); • tell us what you need your ears, mouth and eyes; • How are you povedesh if accidentally broke someone else's thing. Of course, not all questions will be asked during the interview your child to enroll in school, but the child should be ready for any of them. There may be variations of these issues. It is therefore important to assess the child's knowledge of the surrounding world (animals, birds, seasons, time of day), basic information about his family and himself, the idea of ​​professions and about the school.

Step 2:

No small importance before entering the first grade of the child will be the mathematical knowledge and skills: • count from 1 to 10 and in the reverse order, insert a missing digit; • carry out counting operations within 10 (add or subtract a certain number of items); • identify simple geometric shapes, work with application of geometric shapes; • compare objects - more, less, equal, as well as the length, width and height; • divide the items into several parts (1, 2, 3, 4 equal parts).

Step 3:

For the successful development of a child read the following skills will be useful: • distinguish between letters sound, as well as highlight the vowels and consonants; • the ability to locate a specific letter in a word (at the beginning, middle and end); • Identify words in the selected letter; • allocate syllables in the word; • meaningfully read simple and small offer.

Step 4:

Before entering the school the child should be prepared to the letter: • For the holding in hand pen and pencil; • trace the figure without lifting the pencil from the sheet; • Drawing on the cell and points dorisovki the missing part of the picture; • Conduct continuous lines - straight, wavy, broken; • Drawing a similar geometric shape; • accurate coloring pictures without departing from the path.