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What should you do if your child became ill to eat

Eating - a vital need of the body. Both adults and children love to look beautiful and the food was delicious. Very often, children can lose their appetite. How to return the child to desire full breakfast, supper and dinner, if you do not know how to cook meals that will appeal to your child?

What should you do if your child became ill to eat

Try to cook children's soup. If you are delicious, and the child is likely to enjoy. If you yourself will never be such there is, and the child's better not to feed it. To a child it was interesting to have, you can grind the soup in a blender to puree, sprinkle with herbs, sour cream make eyes, nose, mouth. This dish looks very interesting, like a child, and he wants to give it a try. Buy your child a beautiful bright children's dishes. Let the plates will be drawn on any cartoon character or animal, then the child will want to see him soon, and this will need to eat all the food on the plate.

Encourage your child from an early age to use napkins, as well as the right to hold a spoon and fork. If the child became ill to eat, organize joint dinners, so he took the example of the adults.

Poor appetite is very common in sedentary children. If the child has become ill, maybe he is rarely in the open air, and sits on a walk in the stroller. If a child moves a little, the appetite he has not developed. Children need active games, he has to crawl, run, jump, to engage with the designer. Then the brain will signal that it's time to restore lost energy and the child asks to eat.